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heavy metal

  1. Magic

    Heavy Metal KK's Priest

    K.K. Downing Official Website Members: K. K. Downing – guitars (2020–present) Tim "Ripper" Owens – lead vocals (2020–present) A.J. Mills – guitars (2020–present) Tony Newton – bass (2020–present) Sean Elg – drums (2021–present) Albums: Sermons of the Sinner (2021) The Sinner Rides Again...
  2. Magic

    Gothic Evanescence

    Official Website Current Members: Amy Lee – lead vocals, keyboards, harp (1995–present) Troy McLawhorn – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2011–present; touring musician 2007–2011) Jen Majura – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals, theremin (2015–present) Tim McCord – bass...
  3. Magic

    Heavy Metal Jeff Scott Soto (solo)

    Jeff Scott Soto has been vocalist in bands like Rising Force, Talisman, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Sons of Apollo, and Axel Rudi Pell. His solo efforts are excellent! His music style ranges from Hard Rock to Power Metal with some funk and progressive elements added in the mix. Solo Albums...
  4. Magic

    Progressive Mastodon

    Official Website Mastodon is a Heavy/Progressive/Sludge//Stoner/Alternative Metal band from Atlanta Georgia which formed in 2000. Mastodon is a highly accredited band for their live performance. Current Band Members: Brann Dailor – drums, percussion (2000–present), backing vocals...
  5. Magic

    Heavy Metal Warrior Path

    Warrior Path Home Page Warrior Path is a Heavy/Power Metal band from Athens Greece which formed in 2019. Their sound has hit the metal world like Thor's hammer! Band Members: Bob Katsionis - Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards Andreas Sinanoglou - Acoustic & Rhythm Guitar Daniel Heiman - Vocals...

    Heavy Metal Sunbomb (Tracii Guns & Michael Sweet)

    Evil and Devine album released May 14, 2021 tracklist 01. "Life" 02. "Take Me Away" 03. "Better End" 04. "No Tomorrows" 05. "Born To Win" 06. "Evil And Divine" 07. "Been Said And Done" 08. "Stronger Than Before" 09. "Story Of The Blind" 10. "World Gone Wrong" 11. "They Fought"
  7. Magic

    Heavy Metal Divine Weep

    Facebook Bandcamp Band Members: Mateusz Drzewicz - vocals, synths Bartosz Kosacki - guitars Dariusz Moroz - guitars Janusz Grabowski - bass Dariusz Karpiesiuk - drums Discography: Tears of the Ages (2015) The Omega Man (2020) Devine Weep is a heavy metal band from Poland. Their first...

    Heavy Metal Mercyful Fate

    Facebook Mercyful Fate Coven King Diamond Website Current Members: King Diamond – lead vocals, keyboards Hank Shermann – guitars Bjarne T. Holm – drums Mike Wead – guitars Discography: Melissa (1983) Don't Break the Oath (1984) In the Shadows (1993) Time (1994) Into the Unknown (1996)...
  9. Stevie

    Heavy Metal WICKED SMILE - new single listening link. CD pre-order available now

    Hi everyone, my band Wicked Smile (featuring members of ex Pegazus, Eyefear, Black Majesty) has a new single titled 'Love's Got A Hold On You'. This may appeal to fans of Judas Priest, Dio, Skid Row, Tesla etc. We also have our debut ep available for pre-order (includes free worldwide postage)...
  10. Magic

    Heavy Metal Axel Rudi Pell Solo

    Official Website Current Members: Axel Rudi Pell — guitar (1989–present) Johnny Gioeli — lead vocals (1997–present) Ferdy Doernberg — keyboards (1997–present) Volker Krawczak — bass guitar (1989–present) Bobby Rondinelli — drums (2013–present) Discography: Wild Obsession (1989)[3] Nasty...
  11. Magic

    Power Metal Vicious Rumors

    Official Website Current Members: Geoff Thorpe - Guitar, Vocals Larry Howe - Drums Gunnar DüGrey - Guitar Nick Courtney - Vocals Cody Green - Bass Discography: 1985 - Soldiers of the Night 1988 - Digital Dictator 1990 - Vicious Rumors 1991 - Welcome to the Ball 1994 - Word of Mouth 1996 -...
  12. Magic

    Speed Metal Running Wild

    Official Website Current Members: Rolf Kasparek – vocals, guitars Peter Jordan – guitars Ole Hempelmann – bass guitar Michael Wolpers – drums Discography: Gates to Purgatory (1984) Branded and Exiled (1985) Under Jolly Roger (1987) Port Royal (1988) Death or Glory (1989) Blazon Stone...
  13. Magic

    Power Metal Demons & Wizards

    Facebook Page Members: Hansi Kürsch – vocals Jon Schaffer – rhythm guitar, bass Discography: Demons & Wizards (2000) Touched by the Crimson King (2005) III (2020) Demons & Wizards is a power metal / progressive metal side project of Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) and Jon Schaffer (Iced...
  14. Magic

    Power Metal Ironflame

    Facebook Page Band Members: Andrew D'Cagna - Everything!! (on the albums) Other Band Members: Quin Lucas - Guitars Jesse Scott - Guitars James Babcock - Bass Noah Sliba - Drums Discography: Lightning Strikes the Crown (2017) Tales of Splendor and Sorrow (2018) Blood Red Victory (2020)...
  15. Magic

    Thrash Metal Annihilator

    Official Website Current Members: Jeff Waters – lead guitar, backing vocals (1984–present), bass (1984–2016, 2017–present), lead vocals (1985–1986, 1994–1997, 2015–present) Aaron Homma – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2015–present) Fabio Alessandrini – drums (2016–present) Rich Hinks – bass...
  16. HEADS UP

    Super Group Black Swan

    Discography Shake The World (2020) Generation MInd (2022) Black Swan is a heavy metal super group composed of Robin McAuley (MSG), Reb Beach (Winger, Whitesnake), Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner), & Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr. Big). Tracklisting: 1. Shake The World 2. Big Disaster 3...
  17. Speed King

    Happy Halloween HRF!

    Happy Halloween everyone!
  18. Magic

    Traditional Metal Cirith Ungol

    Facebook Page Current Members: Tim Baker - Lead Vocals Greg Lindstrom - Guitars, Keyboards Jimmy Barraza - Guitars Robert Garven - Drums Jarvis Leatherby - Bass Album: Frost and Fire (1981) King of the Dead (1984) One Foot In Hell (1986) Paradise Lost (1991) Forever Black (2020) Cirith...