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heavy metal

  1. Magic

    Heavy Metal Air Raid

    Facebook Members: Fredrik Werner - Vocals Andreas Johansson - Guitars Magnus Mild - Guitars Jan Ekberg - Bass William Seidl - Drums Albums: Night of the Axe (2012) Point of Impact (2014) Across the Line (2017) Fatal Encounter (2023) Air Raid is a heavy metal band from Sweden. Night of...

    Heavy Metal Smoking Snakes

    Members: Brett Martin - lead vocals, rhythm guitar Andy Delarge - bass Stan Ricci - drums Leo Razor - lead guitar Albums: Danger Zone (2024) SMOKING SNAKES is a sleaze metal / heavy metal band from Germany.
  3. Magic

    Heavy Metal Icon of Sin

    Raphael Mendes Facebook Albums: Icon of Sin (2021) Legends (2023) Icon Of Sin is a Brazilian heavy metal band centered around the vocal talents of the popular Brazilian YouTube sensation Raphael Mendes. This band is creating a lot of buzz in the metal world with an outstanding vocalist &...
  4. Magic

    Heavy Metal Bruce Dickinson Solo

    Bruce Dickinson’s touring band features guitarist Roy Z, drummer Dave Moreno, bass-player Tanya O’Callaghan and keyboard maestro Mistheria Albums Tattooed Millionaire (1990) Balls to Picasso (1994) Skunkworks (1996) Accident of Birth (1997) The Chemical Wedding (1998) Tyranny of Souls (2005)...
  5. Magic

    Super Group Elegant Weapons

    Official Website Line up: Richie Faulkner - Guitars (Judas Priest) Dave Rimmer - Bass (Uriah Heep) Ronnie Romero - Vocals (Rainbow, MSG) Christopher Williams - Drums (Accept) This heavy metal super group’s debut album was released May 26, 2023. Tracklist 1. Dead Man Walking 2. Do Or Die...
  6. Magic


    Line Up: Dino Jelusick – vocals / keyboards (Whitesnake/George Lynch/Michael Romeo and more) Ivan Keller – guitar Luka Broderick – bass, backing vocals Mario Lepoglavec – drums, backing vocals Debut album released September 29, 2023 Tracklist: 1. Reign of Vultures 2. Died 3. What I Want 4...
  7. Holiday in Metallica


    I just heard of these guys, and they're absolutely brilliant. They sound inspired by Dokken. Incredible tone, and I really feel the emotion in the singing and playing. It's very welcome to see a group that can do soulful leads over mindless shredding.
  8. Magic

    Power Metal Primal Fear

    Official Website Current Members: Ralf Scheepers – lead vocals (1997–present) Mat Sinner – bass, co-lead vocals (1997–present) Tom Naumann – guitars, backing vocals (1997–2000, 2003–2007, 2015–present), live guitars (2013–2015) Magnus Karlsson – guitars, keyboards (2008–present) Alex Beyrodt...
  9. M

    New Member with new solo album!

    Hey guys I'm Andy Hughes, I am a multi instrumentalist, artist, singer/songwriter and producer from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK. I have just released my 6th solo record 'Anthems From The Asylum' and would love to share it with you guys, main influences are: Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne...
  10. Magic

    Heavy Metal Spellbook

    Spellbook Bandcamp Members: Nate Tyson - Vocals Les Yarde - Guitars Patrick “Patty” Benton - Guitars Seibert Lowe Jr - Bass Nick Zinn - Drums Discography: Magick & Mischief (2020) Deadly Charms (2022) Spellbook is a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band from the USA that formed in 2007 as a band...
  11. HEADS UP

    Heavy Metal Enemy Eyes

    Members Johnny Gioeli - vocals Alessandro Del Vecchio - bass, keyboards Marcos Rodriguez - guitars Fabio Alessandrini - drums Albums History’s Hand 2022 Tracklisting: 1. Here We Are 2. History’s Hand 3. Peace And Glory 4. The Chase 5. Preying On Your Weakness 6. What You Say 7. What I...
  12. HEADS UP

    Heavy Metal Venom Inc.

    Official Website Members Demolition Man - Bass, Vocals Mantas - Guitars War Machine - Drums Discography: Ave (2017) There's Only Black (2022)
  13. Holiday in Metallica

    SATAN - Earth Infernal

    I just discovered this new wave band. They've been around since 1979, with a sound that's somewhere between NWOBHM and thrash. I've been listening to their newest album, centered on some topical themes on global warming. ...And who says there isn't any good new music anymore? (But they're an...
  14. Magic

    Power Metal Velvet Viper

    Official Website Discography Velvet Viper - 1991 The 4th Quest for Fantasy - 1992 Respice Finem - 2018 The Pale Man is Holding a Broken Heart - 2019 From Over Yonder -2020 Pilgrimage - 2020 Cosmic Healer - 2021 Current Members: Jutta Weinhold - Vocals Holger Marx - Guitars Johannes Mollers...
  15. Magic

    Heavy Metal Bitch

    Official Website Discography Damnation Alley EP - 1982 Be My Slave - 1983 The Bitch is Back - 1987 Betsy - 1989 Current Members Betsy Bitch (Betsy Weiss) – vocals (1980–present) Curt Remington – bass (2018–present) Chris Cardenas – guitars (2014–present) Randal "Scandal" West – drums...
  16. Magic

    Heavy Metal Whisper KIllers

    Facebook Members: Apostolis Manaos - Guitars George Kasapidis - Guitars, Vocals, Bass Chris Kappas - Vocals Albums Hard As Rock (2022) Whisper Killers is a Heavy Metal band from Greece. Hard As Rock Angel of Death Full Album
  17. Magic

    Glam Metal Dee Snider (solo)

    Official Website Solo Discography Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down (2000) Dee Does Broadway (2012) We Are the Ones (2016) For the Love of Metal (2018) Leave a Scar (2021) Filmography Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985) – cameo appearance filming a video for "Burn in Hell" Private Parts...
  18. HEADS UP

    Heavy Metal Sanhedrin

    Official Website Discography A Funeral For the World (2017) The Poisoner (2019) Lights On (2022) Members Erica Stoltz - Bass, Vocals Nathan Honor - Drums Jeremy Sosville - Guitars, Backing Vocals Sanhedrin is a heavy metal band from the USA.
  19. Magic

    Grey Wolf

    Facebook Bandcamp Albums: Grey Wolf (2014) We Are Metalheads (2015) Glorious Death (2016) The Last Journey of an Old Viking (2019) Cimmerian Hordes (2021) Grey Wolf is a heavy metal one man band from Brazil. Founded in 2012 by bassist/singer Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli, the Project...
  20. HEADS UP

    Heavy Metal New Horizon

    Albums: Gate of the Gods (2022) Conquerers (2024)