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heavy metal

  1. Magic


    Band Member Interview Alkatrazz on Wikipedia Band Members: Bob Jenner - Guitars Craig Stevens - Vocals Garry Bevan - Bass Nick Parsons - Drums Albums: Young Blood (1981) Radio 5 (1982) Alkatrazz were a British hard rock / heavy metal band that was part of the NWOBHM movement. They were...
  2. Oldhippie


    Official Website Liliac Facebook Page Albums: Chain of Thorns (2019) 5 siblings ranging from 9 to 19. I have yet to figure out where the 15 year old daughter got that voice from.
  3. Magic

    Classic Metal Silver Mountain

    Official Website Members: Jonas Hansson - Vocals, Guitars Per Stadin - Bass Mats Bergentz - Drums, Backing Vocals Erik Bjorn Nielsen - Keyboards Albums: Shakin' Brains (1983) Universe (1985) Roses & Champagne (1988) Breakin' Chains (2001) Before The Storm (2015) source You will notice...
  4. Magic

    Heavy Metal Vultures Vengeance

    Bandcamp Page Band Info Members: Tony T. Steele - Vocals, Guitars Tony L.A. - Guitars Matt Savage - Bass Matt Serafini - Drums Albums: The Knightlore (2019) Vultures Vengeance is a melodic heavy metal band from Italy. Their debut album made a premiere today!! The Knightlore...
  5. Magic

    Traditional Metal Pandemonium

    Facebook Page Members: David Resch - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals Chris Resch (R.I.P.) - Lead Vocals Eric Resch - Bass, Backing Vocals Albums: Heavy Metal Soldiers (1983) Hole In The Sky (1985) The Kill (1986) Pandemonium was a heavy metal / hard rock band of the late 70's & 80's that...
  6. Magic

    Traditional Metal Six Feet Under

    Information Page Members: Björn Lodin - Vocals Marcus Källström - Drums Peter Östling - Keyboards Thomas Larsson - Guitar Kent Jansson - Bass Albums: Six Feet Under (1983) Eruption (1984) Six Feet Under was a heavy metal / hard rock band from Sweden, not to be confused with the American...
  7. Magic

    Power Metal Powerwolf

    Official Website Current Members: Attila Dorn (real name Karsten Brill) – vocals (2003–present) Matthew Greywolf (real name Benjamin Buss) – lead and rhythm guitar (2003–present) Charles Greywolf (real name David Vogt) – rhythm guitar, studio bass (2003–present) Falk Maria Schlegel – keyboards...
  8. Magic

    Heavy Metal Virgin Steele

    Official Website Virgin Steele Facebook Current Members: David DeFeis – lead vocals, keyboards, synth bass, piano (1981–present) Edward Pursino – guitars (1984–present) Josh Block – bass, additional guitars (2001–present) Matt McKasty – drums (2015–present) Albums: 1982 – Virgin Steele...
  9. Magic

    Glam Metal Diamond Rexx

    Official Website Current Members and Original Lineup: Nasti Habits — lead vocals (1985–present) S.S. Priest — lead & rhythm guitars (1985–1995, 2000–present) Dave Andre — bass (1985–1989, 2004–present) Johnny Cottone - drums Albums: Land of the Damned (1986) Rated Rexx (1990) Golden Gates...
  10. Magic

    New Album Releases 2019

    Metal Heads......I have been ill for quite some time and unable to post in a timely manner. I will begin this list with the next wave of releases................... April 12, 2019 2 Wolves – Our Fault (Inverse) Absinthropy/Salix Babylonica – Split (Clobber) All Your Sisters – Trust Ruins...
  11. Magic

    Power Metal Steel Prophet

    Steel Prophet Facebook Current Band Members: Steve Kachinsky - lead & rhythm guitars, keyboards Vince Dennis - bass Jon Paget - guitars John Tarascio - drums R.D. Liapakis - vocals Notable Past Members: Rick Mythiasin - Vocalist Albums: Inner Ascendance (1990) The Goddess Principle...
  12. Riffmaster1981

    Heavy Metal OMEN

  13. Magic


    Gotthard Official Website Members: Leo Leoni - guitar Freddy Scherer - guitars Marc Lynn - bass guitar Hena Habegger - drums Nic Maeder - vocals, additional guitars Notable Past Members: Steve Lee - vocals (1992-2010, deceased) Albums: Gotthard (1992) Dial Hard (1994) G. (1996) Open...
  14. Magic

    Glam Metal Tyketto

    Official Website Current Members: Danny Vaughn - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion Chris Green - Lead guitar, backing vocals Chris Childs - Bass guitar, backing vocals Michael Clayton - Drums, percussion, backing vocals Ged Rylands - Keyboards...
  15. Magic

    Heavy Metal Lizzy Borden

    Lizzy Borden Official Website Current Members: Lizzy Borden – lead vocals Joey Scott – drums Mårten Andersson – bass Ira Black – guitars Albums: 1983 Demo '83 1984 Give 'Em the Axe EP 1985 Love You to Pieces 1986 Menace to Society 1987 Terror Rising EP 1987 Visual Lies 1989 Master of...
  16. Magic

    Traditional Metal Warlord

    Left to Right: Tsamis, Leptos, Zonder, Bynoe Facebook Page Current Members: William J Tsamis – guitars, keyboards (1980–1986, 2001–2002, 2011–present) Mark Zonder – drums (1980–1986, 2001–2002, 2011–present) Philip Bynoe – bass (2013–present) Nicholas Leptos – vocals (2014–present) Albums...
  17. Magic

    Glam Metal L.A. Guns

    Official Website Classic Lineup: Tracii Guns – lead guitar Mick Cripps – rhythm guitar Phil Lewis – lead vocals Kelly Nickels – bass guitar Steve Riley – drums Current Members: Tracii Guns – lead guitar (1983–2002, 2006–2012, 2016–present) Phil Lewis – lead vocals (1987–1995, 1999–present)...
  18. Magic


    Band Information Band Members: Sherman Haynes - Drums / Vocals Walter McLennon - Bass / Vocals Michael Hamilton - Guitar / Vocals Discography: Crobone EP (2018) Crobone is a new Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Oklahoma. They mix many different genres into their music, which does...
  19. Magic

    Glam Metal Icon

    Original Members: Stephen Clifford – vocals Dan Wexler – guitars Tracy Wallach – bass, vocals John Aquilino – guitars Pat Dixon – drums Current Members: Dan Wexler – guitar, backing vocals (1979–1990, 2008–present) Stephen Clifford – lead vocals (1979–1985, 2010–present) Dave Henzerling –...