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glam metal

  1. Magic

    Glam Metal Dee Snider (solo)

    Official Website Solo Discography Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down (2000) Dee Does Broadway (2012) We Are the Ones (2016) For the Love of Metal (2018) Leave a Scar (2021) Filmography Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985) – cameo appearance filming a video for "Burn in Hell" Private Parts...
  2. Magic

    Glam Metal Junkyard 69

    FACEBOOK Junkyard 69 are a glam metal / hard rock band from Greece that formed in 2011. Debut album: Awaken the Fallen (2021) Band Members: Vaine – Vocals Jersey – Guitars Phoenix - Guitars Nikko Lust – Bass Spades - Drums Full Album
  3. Magic

    Laci Violett

    Official Website Members: Lizzy Lace - Vocals, Bass Eddie Bane - Guitar Discography: Laci Violett (2020) Lacy Violette is a hard rock / glam metal band from the USA. Their self titled debut album was released February 29, 2020. 01. Hairspray Running Low 02. Snakebite 03...
  4. Magic

    Nasty High

    Official Website Members: Dan Bentley - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar JB Haze - Bass / B.Vocals Nick Constantino - Lead Guitar / B.Vocals Arron Beckworth - Lead Guitar / B.Vocals Mazzy Speed - Drums / B.Vocals Discography: Liquid Scream (2017) Where the River Runs (2020)...
  5. Magic

    Pretty Maids

    Official Website Current Band Members: Ronnie Atkins (Paul Christensen) – lead vocals Ken Hammer (Kenneth Hansen) – guitar Rene Shades (Rene Sehic) – bass Chris Laney – keyboards, guitar Allan Tschicaja - Drums Albums: Red Hot and Heavy (1984) Future World (1987) Jump the Gun (1990)...
  6. Magic

    Glam Metal Diamond Rexx

    Official Website Current Members and Original Lineup: Nasti Habits — lead vocals (1985–present) S.S. Priest — lead & rhythm guitars (1985–1995, 2000–present) Dave Andre — bass (1985–1989, 2004–present) Johnny Cottone - drums Albums: Land of the Damned (1986) Rated Rexx (1990) Golden Gates...
  7. Magic

    Glam Metal Tyketto

    Official Website Current Members: Danny Vaughn - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion Chris Green - Lead guitar, backing vocals Chris Childs - Bass guitar, backing vocals Michael Clayton - Drums, percussion, backing vocals Ged Rylands - Keyboards...
  8. Magic

    Heavy Metal Lizzy Borden

    Lizzy Borden Official Website Current Members: Lizzy Borden – lead vocals Joey Scott – drums Mårten Andersson – bass Ira Black – guitars Albums: 1983 Demo '83 1984 Give 'Em the Axe EP 1985 Love You to Pieces 1986 Menace to Society 1987 Terror Rising EP 1987 Visual Lies 1989 Master of...
  9. Magic

    Glam Metal Tangier

    Official Website Original Members: Doug Gordon Bill Mattson Rocco Mazzella Mike Kost Mark Hopkins Final Members: Doug Gordon Bobby Bender Mike LeCompt Garry Nutt Albums: Tangier (1985) Four Winds (1989) Stranded (1991) Tangier is another under promoted, under appreciated, and under...
  10. Magic

    Glam Metal L.A. Guns

    Official Website Classic Lineup: Tracii Guns – lead guitar Mick Cripps – rhythm guitar Phil Lewis – lead vocals Kelly Nickels – bass guitar Steve Riley – drums Current Members: Tracii Guns – lead guitar (1983–2002, 2006–2012, 2016–present) Phil Lewis – lead vocals (1987–1995, 1999–present)...
  11. Magic

    Glam Metal XYZ

    Official Website Current Members: Terry Ilous - vocals (1986-1992, 2002-present) Patt Fontaine - bass (1986-1992, 2003-present) Tony Marcus - guitars (2003-present) Joey Shapiro - drums (1991-1992, 2003-present) Albums: XYZ (1989) Hungry (1991) Letter to God (2003) Rainy Days (2005) XYZ...
  12. Magic


    Members: Brian Danter - Bass guitar and vocals Mark Bradac - Guitar Chuck Price - Guitar Mike Kozak - Drums Albums: Teaze (1977) On The Loose (1978) Tour Of Japan (1979) One Night Stands (1979) Body Shots (1980) Teaze, from Canada, was another one of those under appreciated, under rated...
  13. Magic

    Glam Metal Icon

    Original Members: Stephen Clifford – vocals Dan Wexler – guitars Tracy Wallach – bass, vocals John Aquilino – guitars Pat Dixon – drums Current Members: Dan Wexler – guitar, backing vocals (1979–1990, 2008–present) Stephen Clifford – lead vocals (1979–1985, 2010–present) Dave Henzerling –...
  14. Magic

    Review Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy (2018)

    Album: Diamond Boy Artist: Enuff Z'Nuff Country of Origin: USA Genre: Glam Metal / Hard Rock / Power Pop Released: August 10, 2018 Label: Frontiers Music SRL Purchase: Here or Here 1. Transcendence 2. Diamond Boy 3. Where Did You Go 4. We’re All The Same 5. Fire & Ice 6...
  15. Magic

    Heavy Metal Loudness

    L to R: Masayoshi Yamashita, Minoru Niihara, Munetaka Higuchi, Akira Takasaki L to R: Masayoshi Yamashita, Minoru Niihara, Akira Takasaki, Masayuki Suzuki Official Website Current Members: Akira Takasaki – guitar, backing vocals (1981–present), lead vocals (1981), bass (1993-1994)...
  16. Magic

    Glam Metal Steelheart

    Official Website Classic Lineup: Michael Matijevic - vocals Chris Risola - lead guitar Frank DiCostanzo - rhythm guitar James Ward - bass guitar John Fowler - drums Current Members: Miljenko Matijevic – lead vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar, piano (1990–1992, 1996, 2006–present) Uros...
  17. Magic

    Glam Metal Winger

    Winger circa 1990 L to R: Paul Taylor, Rod Morgenstein, Kip Winger, Reb Beach Official Website Current Members: Kip Winger Reb Beach Rod Morgenstein Paul Taylor John Roth Albums: (with links to album info & videos) Winger (1988) In the Heart of the Young (1990) Pull (1993) IV (2006)...
  18. Magic

    Glam Metal Ratt

    Classic Lineup L to R: Juan Croucier, Bobby Blotzer, Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini, Robbin Crosby Current Ratt L to R: Chris Sanders, Pete Holmes, Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier, Jordan Ziff Official Website Albums: (with links to album info & videos) Out of the Cellar (1984) Invasion...
  19. HEADS UP

    Glam Metal Crazy Lixx

  20. HEADS UP

    Glam Metal Enuff Z' Nuff

    Official Website Current Members: Chip Z'nuff (Gregory Rybarski) – bass, rhythm guitar (1984–present), lead vocals (2016–present) Tory Stoffregen – lead guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals (2008–2014, 2016–present) Alex Kane– rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (2019-present), lead...