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  1. Magic


    https://www.imperiumproject.com Albums: 2016 Dreamhunter 2018 Beyond The Stars 2020 Heaven or Hell 2023 Never Surrender Imperium is a Melodic Rock / Hard Rock Band from Finland. Imperium is in the same vein as Journey, Asia, and Foreigner. It is the solo project of Strike drummer Mika...
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    Members Michael Sweet - Vocals (STRYPER, BOSTON, ICONIC, SWEET & LYNCH) Alessandro Del Vecchio - guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals (EDGE OF FOREVER, HARDLINE, JORN) Michele Sanna – drums Return Me To Light" track listing: 01. Rise Again 02. Anymore 03. Pieces Of Forever 04. Hope's...
  3. Magic

    Heavy Metal Jeff Scott Soto (solo)

    Jeff Scott Soto has been vocalist in bands like Rising Force, Talisman, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Sons of Apollo, and Axel Rudi Pell. His solo efforts are excellent! His music style ranges from Hard Rock to Power Metal with some funk and progressive elements added in the mix. Solo Albums...

    Memoria Avenue

    Official Website Memoria Avenue is a stunning new melodic/AOR rock band from Norway that presents an artistic union between guitarist Tor Talle and talented new singer Jan Le’Brandt. With the addition of keyboardist Dag Selboskar, bassist Svenn Huneide and drummer Bjørn Olav Lauvdal, the...
  5. Magic

    The Night Flight Orchestra

    Facebook Page Members: Björn "Speed" Strid – vocals (2007–present) David Andersson – guitar (2007–present) Sharlee D'Angelo – bass guitar (2007–present) Richard Larsson – keyboards (2007–present) Jonas Källsbäck – drums (2007–present) Sebastian Forslund – congas, percussion, guitar...


  7. Magic


    Official Website Current Members: John Norum - guitars, backing vocals Joey Tempest - lead vocals, occasional guitars, keyboards and piano John Levén - bass, backing vocals Mic Michaeli - keyboards, piano, keytar, backing vocals, occasional guitars Ian Haugland - drums, percussion, snare drum...
  8. Magic

    Rain or Shine

    Facebook Page Members: Steve S.R. McCormick - Vocals,Guitars,Bass, Synths Andy R. McCormick - Drums, Percussion Albums: Seize the Night (2014) The Darkest Part of Me (2019) Rain or Shine is a melodic hard rock band from Greece. They use a lot of modern music techniques and synthesizers...
  9. Magic


    Gotthard Official Website Members: Leo Leoni - guitar Freddy Scherer - guitars Marc Lynn - bass guitar Hena Habegger - drums Nic Maeder - vocals, additional guitars Notable Past Members: Steve Lee - vocals (1992-2010, deceased) Albums: Gotthard (1992) Dial Hard (1994) G. (1996) Open...
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    Glam Metal Icon

    Original Members: Stephen Clifford – vocals Dan Wexler – guitars Tracy Wallach – bass, vocals John Aquilino – guitars Pat Dixon – drums Current Members: Dan Wexler – guitar, backing vocals (1979–1990, 2008–present) Stephen Clifford – lead vocals (1979–1985, 2010–present) Dave Henzerling –...
  11. Magic

    White Sister & Tattoo Rodeo

    White Sister Official Website Tattoo Rodeo Bio @ Last.fm Members: Dennis Churchill-Dries - lead vocals/bass guitar Rick Chadock - lead guitar Gary Brandon - lead vocals/keyboards (White Sister) Richard Wright - drums Michael Lord - Keyboards (Tattoo Rodeo) White Sister & Tattoo Rodeo was...
  12. Magic

    Jason Bonham

    Jason Bonham Official Website Lifetime Project Discography: Shaft of Light by Airrace (1984) Virginia Wolf by Virginia Wolf (1986) Push by Virginia Wolf (1987) Outrider by Jimmy Page (1988) The Disregard of Timekeeping by Bonham (1989) Mad Hatter by Bonham (1992) Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute...
  13. Magic

    Heavy Metal Snakebite

    Official Website Members: Dominik "Nikki" Wagner Julian Fischer Alex Lacroix Chris van Kough EP's and Albums: Street Justice EP (2012) Snakebite EP (2013) Princess of Pain (2014) Rise of the Snake (2018) Snakebite is a heavy metal / hard rock band from Germany. If you are into...
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    Neverland Facebook Page Neverland was a Los Angeles based hard rock / AOR band. They came to the AOR game a bit late and never got the big break they needed, which is such a shame because their debut album is a killer album.... If any of you are fans of Bill & Ted (which I am) , then you...
  15. Magic

    Perfect Plan

    Official Website Members: Kent Hilli Rolf Nordstrom P-O Sedin Fredrick Forsberg Leif Ehlin Albums: All Rise (2018) Perfect Plan is a new band from Sweden. Great classic AOR style hard rock. They just released their debut album, All Rise, April 20, 2018. Never Surrender Gone Too Far
  16. Magic

    Dukes of the Orient

    Official Website Members: John Payne Erik Norlander Bruce Bouillet Jeff Kollman Guthrie Govan Moni Scaria Jay Schellen Dukes of the Orient is the masterful pairing of vocalist John Payne (ex-ASIA, GPS) with keyboardist Erik Norlander (Last in Line, Lana Lane, Rocket Scientists). It is a...