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symphonic metal

  1. Magic

    Symphonic Northern Kings

    Band Info Members: Marco Hietala (Nightwish) Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) Juha-Pekka Leppalouto (Charon) Jarkko Ahola (Terasbetoni) Albums: Reborn (2007) Rethroned (2008) Northern Kings is a symphonic power metal supergroup of four metal vocalists who have recorded 2 albums of nothing...
  2. Mr. Gregory

    Symphonic Leaves' Eyes

    Official Website Current members: Elina Siirala (clean vocals) Alexander Krull (growled vocals, keyboard) Pete Streit (guitar) Joris Nijenhuis (drums) Thorsten Bauer (guitar, bass) Notable former members: Liv Kristine (clean vocals) Albums: Lovelorn (2004) Vinland Saga (2005) Njord (2009)...
  3. Magic

    Symphonic Eleine

    Official Website Members: Madeleine "Eleine" Liljestam - Vocals Rikard Ekberg - Vocals, Guitars Andreas Mårtensson - Bass David Eriksson - Drums Sebastian Berglund - Keyboards Ludwig Dante - Guitars (2018) Albums: Eleine (2015) Until The End (2018) Eleine is a symphonic metal band...
  4. Magic

    Progressive Symphony X

    Official Website Current Band Members: Michael Romeo Michael Pinnella Jason Rullo Russell Allen Michael Lepond Albums: (with links to album info and videos) Symphony X (1994) The Damnation Game (1995) The Divine Wings of Tragedy (1997) Twilight in Olympus (1998) V: The New Mythology Suite...
  5. Magic

    Symphonic QFT (Quantum Field Theory)

    QFT (Quantum Field Theory) is a Swedish symphonic metal band fronted by LINNÉA VIKSTRÖM (vocalist of Therion). They released their debut album, Live in Space, on May 4, 2018. This album is very impressive!! End of the Universe Big Bang QFT Aliens Live in Space
  6. Suh Dude

    Symphonic Dark Moor

    Dark Moor This band is probably one of the most gratifying bands to talk about right now on this forum, mostly because I've gone through phases in my life where I absolutely hated this band, to absolutely loving this band, and repeat for several years on end. I've finally gotten to a point...
  7. SiphonOfDestruction

    Black Metal Cradle of Filth

    Current Lineup Dani Filth Martin 'Marthus' Škaroupka Daniel Firth Lindsay Schoolcraft Richard Shaw Marek 'Ashok' Šmerda Album Discography The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (1994) Dusk... and Her Embrace (1996) Cruelty and the Beast (1998) Midian (2000) Damnation and a Day (2003)...
  8. Magic

    Symphonic Avantasia

    Official Website: http://www.tobiassammet.com/ Current Members: Tobias Sammet Sascha Paeth Miro Felix Bohnke Albums: (with links to album info & videos) The Metal Opera (2001) The Metal Opera Part II (2002) The Scarecrow (2008) The Wicked Symphony (2010) Angel of Babylon (2010) The...