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power metal

  1. SiphonOfDestruction

    Power Metal Alestorm

    Current Lineup Christopher Bowes – lead vocals, keytar Gareth Murdock – bass Peter Alcorn – drums Elliot Vernon – keyboards, unclean vocals Máté Bodor – guitars Album Discography (Studio) Captain Morgan's Revenge (2008) Black Sails at Midnight (2009) Back Through Time (2011) Sunset on the...
  2. Suh Dude

    Symphonic Dark Moor

    Dark Moor This band is probably one of the most gratifying bands to talk about right now on this forum, mostly because I've gone through phases in my life where I absolutely hated this band, to absolutely loving this band, and repeat for several years on end. I've finally gotten to a point...
  3. Nora

    Heavy Metal Manowar

    Official Website Members Joey DeMaio Eric Adams Karl Logan Marcus Castellani Discography Studio albums With links to album information & Vids. Battle Hymns (1982) Into Glory Ride (1983) Hail to England (1984) Sign of the Hammer (1984) Fighting the World (1987) Kings of Metal (1988) The...
  4. Magic

    Power Metal Edguy

    Official Website: Edguy Current Members: Tobias Sammet Jens Ludwig Dirk Sauer Tobias Exxel Felix Bohnke Albums: (with links to album info & videos) 1997 Kingdom of Madness 1998 Vain Glory Opera 1999 Theater of Salvation 2000 The Savage Poetry 2001 Mandrake 2004 Hellfire Club 2006 Rocket...
  5. SiphonOfDestruction

    Progressive Crimson Glory

    Current Lineup Jon Drenning Ben Jackson Jeff Lords Dana Burnell Album Discography Crimson Glory (1986) Transcendence (1988) Strange and Beautiful (1991) Astronomica (1999) Official Website: http://www.officialcrimsonglory.com/ Basic information from Wikipedia... Crimson Glory are an...
  6. SiphonOfDestruction

    Heavy Metal Savatage

    Current Lineup Jon Oliva Johnny Lee Middleton Chris Caffery Zachary Stevens Jeff Plate Al Pitrelli Album Discography (Studio) {with links to album info} Sirens (1983) Power of the Night (1985) Fight for the Rock (1986) Hall of the Mountain King (1987) Gutter Ballet (1989) Streets: A Rock Opera...
  7. SiphonOfDestruction

    Thrash Metal ICED EARTH

    Current Lineup Jon Schaffer Stu Block Luke Appleton Brent Smedley Jake Dreyer Album Discography (Studio) Iced Earth (1990) Night of the Stormrider (1991) Burnt Offerings (1995) The Dark Saga (1996) Something Wicked This Way Comes (1998) Horror Show (2001) The Glorious Burden (2004) Framing...
  8. Magic

    Symphonic Avantasia

    Official Website: http://www.tobiassammet.com/ Current Members: Tobias Sammet Sascha Paeth Miro Felix Bohnke Albums: (with links to album info & videos) The Metal Opera (2001) The Metal Opera Part II (2002) The Scarecrow (2008) The Wicked Symphony (2010) Angel of Babylon (2010) The...