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Heavy Metal Accept


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Mar 27, 2018

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Accept is a German hard rock/ heavy metal band. They have had numerous band member changes over the years, but the music has always been good. The band made their big world wide break through when they began touring with Judas Priest in the early 80's. I'd say their most accessible albums are Balls to the Wall & Restless and Wild.

I followed Accept's albums in the 80's up to Metal Heart, then kinda moved on. However, I have gone back and began giving their albums a go, starting from 2017 - The Rise of Chaos. The newer music definitely is not the classic 80's hard rock they began with, I would classify it more power/speed metal, but that's my 2 cents worth.

Balls to the Wall
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Mr. Gregory

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Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey
They're a solid band. I have both Stalingrad and Blind Rage but haven't listened to them extensively (or recently, for that matter). Hung, Drawn, and Quartered, the opener from Stalingrad, is probably my favorite song of theirs. I can't find an official video of it, so I won't post it here.

This song isn't bad either. It's the opener from Blind Rage.