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traditional heavy metal

  1. Magic

    Heavy Metal Icon of Sin

    Raphael Mendes Facebook Albums: Icon of Sin (2021) Legends (2023) Icon Of Sin is a Brazilian heavy metal band centered around the vocal talents of the popular Brazilian YouTube sensation Raphael Mendes. This band is creating a lot of buzz in the metal world with an outstanding vocalist &...
  2. Magic

    Grey Wolf

    Facebook Bandcamp Albums: Grey Wolf (2014) We Are Metalheads (2015) Glorious Death (2016) The Last Journey of an Old Viking (2019) Cimmerian Hordes (2021) Grey Wolf is a heavy metal one man band from Brazil. Founded in 2012 by bassist/singer Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli, the Project...
  3. Magic

    Doom Metal Capilla Ardiente

    Facebook Page Bandcamp Page Band Members: C. Botarro Neira - Bass F. Plaza Kutzbach - Vocals F. Aguirre - Drums J. Borquez - Lead Guitar I. Leiva - Rythm Guitar Discography: Solve et Coagula EP (2009) Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness (2014) The Siege (2019) Capilla Ardiente ( which...
  4. Magic

    First Impression Vortex - Them Witches (2019)

    Vortex (Netherlands) Old School Heavy Metal Tracklist: 1. Spiritualien 2. Death At Dawn 3. I.C.U. 4. Them Witches 5. Gonna Hit You 6. Tremorial 7. No Breath 8. Fearless 9. Five Fall 10. Thirst Things First Lineup: Jurjen “Thunderforce” Tichelaar - Vocals Martjo “Whirwolf” Brongers- Guitar...
  5. Magic

    Traditional Metal Idle Hands / Unto Others

    Facebook Page Band Members: Gabriel Franco - Vocals, Guitar Sebastian Silva - Lead Guitar Brandon Hill - Bass, Backing Vocals Colin Vranizan - Drums, Backing Vocals Albums: Don't Waste Your Time EP (2018) Mana (2019) Idle Hands is a Traditional Heavy Metal / Gothic Metal band from Oregon...
  6. Magic

    Classic Metal Silver Mountain

    Official Website Members: Jonas Hansson - Vocals, Guitars Per Stadin - Bass Mats Bergentz - Drums, Backing Vocals Erik Bjorn Nielsen - Keyboards Albums: Shakin' Brains (1983) Universe (1985) Roses & Champagne (1988) Breakin' Chains (2001) Before The Storm (2015) source You will notice...
  7. Magic

    Traditional Metal Pandemonium

    Facebook Page Members: David Resch - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals Chris Resch (R.I.P.) - Lead Vocals Eric Resch - Bass, Backing Vocals Albums: Heavy Metal Soldiers (1983) Hole In The Sky (1985) The Kill (1986) Pandemonium was a heavy metal / hard rock band of the late 70's & 80's that...
  8. Magic

    Heavy Metal Haunt

    Facebook BandCamp Members: Trevor William Church - Vocals, Guitar Taylor Hollman - Bass John Tucker - Guitar, Backing Vocals Daniel "Wolfie" Wilson - Drums Albums: Burst Into Flame (2018) If Icarus Could Fly (2019) Mind Freeze (2020) Flashback (2020) Beautiful Distraction (2021) Haunt...