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southern hard rock

  1. Magic

    The New Roses

    Official Website Members: Timmy Rough - Vocals Urban Berz - Drums Norman Bites - Guitar Hardy - Bass Albums: Without a Trace (2013) Dead Man's Voice (2016) One More for the Road (2017) Nothing But Wild (2019) The New Roses is a hard rock / southern hard rock band from Germany. They...
  2. Magic


    Old ABC Records Promo Photo L to R: Dobbs, Rush, Dagger, Torello, Ware Members: Mike Dagger - Vocals Pat Rush - Lead and Slide Guitar Ronnie Dobbs - Lead and String Guitar Otho T. Ware - Bass Bobby Torello - Drums Thunderhead was a hard rock / southern rock / blues rock band from New...
  3. Magic

    White Sister & Tattoo Rodeo

    White Sister Official Website Tattoo Rodeo Bio @ Last.fm Members: Dennis Churchill-Dries - lead vocals/bass guitar Rick Chadock - lead guitar Gary Brandon - lead vocals/keyboards (White Sister) Richard Wright - drums Michael Lord - Keyboards (Tattoo Rodeo) White Sister & Tattoo Rodeo was...
  4. Speed King

    Lynryd Skynyrd

    Official Website: Lynryd Skynyrd Members: Ronnie Van Zant Gary Rossington Allen Collins Ed King Leon Wilkeson Billy Powell Bob Burns Albums: Pronounced (1973) Second Helping (1974) Nuthin' Fancy (1975) Gimme Back My Bullets (1976) Street Survivors (1977) Lynryd Skynryd 1991 (1991) The Last...
  5. Magic


    Official Website Current Members: Jeff Shields - Lead Vocals (2017-present) Tim Rossi - guitar, vocals (2012–present) Matt Anastasi - drums, vocals (2012–present) Derek DeSantis - Bass, vocals (2017–present) Seth Lester - guitar, vocals (2017-present) Albums: (with links to the albums) No...
  6. Speed King

    Molly Hatchet

    Official Website: http://mollyhatchet.com/ Members: Danny Joe Brown Dave Hlubek Steve Holland Duane Roland Banner Thomas Melvin Powell Bruce Crump Albums: (The album title is a link the album thread with album video) Molly Hatchet 1978 Flirtin' With Disaster 1979 Beatin' The Odds 1980 Take...