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  1. Magic

    The Angels

    Official Website Current Members: Rick Brewster – lead guitar, backing vocals, organ, piano (1974–2000, 2008–present) John Brewster – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, harmonica, bass guitar (1974–1986, 1992–2000, 2008–present) Nick Norton – lead vocals (2023–present), drums, backing vocals...
  2. M

    New Member with new solo album!

    Hey guys I'm Andy Hughes, I am a multi instrumentalist, artist, singer/songwriter and producer from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK. I have just released my 6th solo record 'Anthems From The Asylum' and would love to share it with you guys, main influences are: Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne...
  3. Magic

    Blacktop Mojo

    Official Website Current Members: Matt James – vocals (2012–present) Ryan Kiefer – guitar (2012–present) Chuck Wepfer – guitar (2018–present) Matt Curtis – bass (2015–present) Nathan Gillis – drums (2012–present) Albums: I Am (2014) Burn the Ships (2017) Under the Sun (2019) Blacktop...
  4. Magic

    The Black Moods

    Official Website Members: Josh Kennedy - Vocalist, Guitarist Chico Diaz - Drummer Jordan Hoffman - Bassist Albums: The Black Moods (2012) Medicine (2016) Sunshine (2020) The Black Moods are a hard rock/rock band from Arizona that formed in 2010. Like a Wave Serves You Right Full Album:
  5. N

    News NEW RELEASE! Crossing that Line

    Hey everyone! Please check out our new release on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/track/5rGx79QZG4uK3imWTUfZdr?si=4TGnQSRGRTiVyF1P4rlXAA
  6. Magic

    The Night Flight Orchestra

    Facebook Page Members: Björn "Speed" Strid – vocals (2007–present) David Andersson – guitar (2007–present) Sharlee D'Angelo – bass guitar (2007–present) Richard Larsson – keyboards (2007–present) Jonas Källsbäck – drums (2007–present) Sebastian Forslund – congas, percussion, guitar...
  7. Magic

    The New Roses

    Official Website Members: Timmy Rough - Vocals Urban Berz - Drums Norman Bites - Guitar Hardy - Bass Albums: Without a Trace (2013) Dead Man's Voice (2016) One More for the Road (2017) Nothing But Wild (2019) Sweet Poison (2022) The New Roses is a hard rock / southern hard rock band from...
  8. Magic

    The Jupiter Revival

    Official Website Members: Carl Vogelsang - Lead Vocals Adam Carter - Guitars, Vocals Dan Beattie- Bass, Vocals Michael Carter - Drums Albums: The Jupiter Revival (2011) Smile For The Fallen (2018) The Jupiter Revival is a melodic hard rock / rock band with progressive and AOR elements...
  9. Magic

    A Classic Iron Butterfly

    L to R: Doug Ingle, Ron Bushy, Lee Dorman, Erik Brann Official Website Classic Lineup: Erik Brann – guitars, vocals Ron Bushy – drums, percussion Lee Dorman – bass, backing vocals Doug Ingle – organ, vocals Albums: (with links to album info & videos) 1968 Heavy 1968 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 1969...
  10. Speed King

    Ten Years After

    Official Website: Ten Years After Members: Alvin Lee Leo Lyons Chick Churchill Ric Lee Albums: Ten Years After (1967) Stonedhenge (1969) Ssssh (1969) Cricklewood Green (1970) Watt (1970) A Space In Time (1971) Rock & Roll Music To The World (1972) Positive Vibrations (1974) About Time (1989)...
  11. Speed King

    The Eagles

    Official Website: The Eagles Members: Glenn Frey Don Henley Don Felder Bernie Leadon Randy Meisner Albums: The Eagles (1972) Desperado (1973) On The Border (1974) One Of These Nights (1975) Hotel California (1976) The Long Run (1979) Long Road Out Of Eden (2007) The Eagles are an American...
  12. Speed King

    The Beatles

    Official Website: The Beatles Members: John Lennon Paul McCartney Goerge Harrison Ringo Star Albums: Please Please Me (1963) With The Beatles (1963) Introducing...The Beatles (1964) Meet The Beatles! (1964) Twist and Shout (1964) The Beatles' second Album (1964) The Beatles' Long Tall Sally...
  13. Slow Poke

    Humble Pie

    Humble Pie (apparently there is no official website) Members: Steve Marriott Peter Frampton Jerry Shirley Greg Ridley Albums: As Safe As Yesterday Is (1969) Town And Country (1969) Humble Pie (1970) Rock On (1971) Smokin' (1972) Eat It (1973) Thunderbox (1974) Street Rats (1975) On To...
  14. Suh Dude

    Progressive Rock Riverside

    Riverside Official Website Here is a band that has not only time and time again proven to be worthy of praise, but they simultaneously are one of the most underrated progressive rock bands that came out post-2000. It says a lot about a band that is willing to continue the tradition of...
  15. Speed King

    April Wine

    Official Website: April Wine Members: Myles Goodwyn Gary Moffet Steve Lang Jerry Mercer Albums: April Wine (1971) On Record (1972) Electric Jewels (1973) Stand Back (1975) The Whole World's Goin' Crazy (1976) Forever For Now (1977) First Glance (1978) Harder ... Faster (1979) The Nature Of...
  16. Nora


    Members Freddie Mercury Brian May Roger Taylor John Deacon Discography Studio albums Queen (1973) Queen II (1974) Sheer Heart Attack (1974) A Night at the Opera (1975) A Day at the Races (1976) News of the World (1977) Jazz (1978) The Game (1980) Flash Gordon (1980) Hot Space (1982) The Works...