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    Heavy Metal Ram

  2. Magic

    Pretty Maids

    Official Website Current Band Members: Ronnie Atkins (Paul Christensen) – lead vocals Ken Hammer (Kenneth Hansen) – guitar Rene Shades (Rene Sehic) – bass Chris Laney – keyboards, guitar Allan Tschicaja - Drums Albums: Red Hot and Heavy (1984) Future World (1987) Jump the Gun (1990)...
  3. Magic

    Heavy Metal Picture

    Official Website Current Members: Ronald van Prooijen – vocals Jan Bechtum – guitars Rinus Vreugdenhil - bass guitar Laurens Bakker - drums Appie de Gelder - guitars Albums: Picture 1 (1981) Heavy Metal Ears (1981) Diamond Dreamer (1982) Eternal Dark (1983) Traitor (1984) Every Story Needs...

    Power Metal NORTHTALE

  5. Magic

    Scott Stapp Solo

    Official Website Albums: The Great Divide (2005) Proof of Life (2013) The Space Between the Shadows (2019) When Creed disbanded in 2004, Scott Stapp began working on a solo career. His solo offerings are a lot different than his work in Creed. He has put his soul into his solo work and...
  6. Magic


    Official Website List of Official Members Over the Years: Paul Samson - guitars, vocals (1977–2002; died 2002) John McCoy - bass, guitars (1979, 1986) Chris Aylmer - bass, guitars (1977–1979, 1979–1984, 1992–1994; died 2007) Clive Burr - drums (1977–1978; died 2013) Stewart Cochrane...
  7. Magic


    Original lineup - Left to Right: Joey Gioeli, Deen Castronovo, Johnny Gioeli, Neal Schon, Todd Jensen Current Band Members: Johnny Gioeli – lead vocals, acoustic guitar (1991–1992, 1999–present) Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, backing vocals (2011–present) Mario Percudani – guitars...
  8. Magic

    Heavy Metal Valentino Francavilla

    Official Youtube Channel Bandcamp Page Valentino Francavilla (age 25) is an Italian one man band, and the newest guitar virtuoso to hit the heavy metal scene. He is an outstanding vocalist, composer, and producer, too. He is streaming his first album, Heavy Chains (2018), on his youtube...

    Speed Metal Vulture

  10. HEADS UP

    Spread Eagle

  11. Magic

    Dirty Honey

    Debut EP released March 2019 from Los Angeles hard rockers, Dirty Honey. Very good band that reminds me of Guns N Roses.....with a nice bluesy vibe that has some grit. Official Website Band Members: Marc LaBelle | Vocals John Notto | Guitar Justin Smolian | Bass Corey Coverstone | Drums...
  12. Magic

    Super Group Hollywood Vampires

    Official Website Band Members: Alice Cooper – lead and backing vocals, harmonica Johnny Depp – slide, rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards Joe Perry – lead and rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals Albums: Hollywood Vampires (2015) Rise (2019) My Dead Drunk Friends...
  13. Magic


    Official Website Current Members: John Norum - guitars, backing vocals Joey Tempest - lead vocals, occasional guitars, keyboards and piano John Levén - bass, backing vocals Mic Michaeli - keyboards, piano, keytar, backing vocals, occasional guitars Ian Haugland - drums, percussion, snare drum...
  14. Magic

    Power Metal Gloryhammer

    Official Website Current Members: Paul Templing (Ser Proletius) – guitars, backing vocals Ben Turk (Ralathor) – drums Thomas Winkler (Angus McFife XIII) – lead vocals James Cartwright (Hootsman) – bass, backing vocals Christopher Bowes (Zargothrax) – keyboards, backing vocals Albums: Tales...
  15. Magic

    Power Metal Sabaton

    Official Website Current Members: Joakim Brodén – lead vocals, keyboards Pär Sundström – bass, backing vocals Chris Rörland – guitars, backing vocals Hannes van Dahl – drums, backing vocals Tommy Johansson – guitars, backing vocals Albums: Primo Victoria (2005) Attero Dominatus (2006)...
  16. Magic

    Heavy Metal Burning Starr & Jack Starr Solo

    Burning Starr Facebook Page Burning Starr Current Lineup: Jack Starr - guitars Alex Panza - vocals Ned Meloni (Joe Lynn Turner, Phantom Lord) - bass Kenny "Rhino" Earl (Manowar) - drums Burning Starr Albums: Rock the American Way (1985) No Turning Back (1986) Blaze of Glory (1987) Jack...
  17. Magic

    Traditional Metal Idle Hands / Unto Others

    Facebook Page Band Members: Gabriel Franco - Vocals, Guitar Sebastian Silva - Lead Guitar Brandon Hill - Bass, Backing Vocals Colin Vranizan - Drums, Backing Vocals Albums: Don't Waste Your Time EP (2018) Mana (2019) Idle Hands is a Traditional Heavy Metal / Gothic Metal band from Oregon...
  18. joker1961

    Grateful Dead

    Official Website Classic Lineup: Jerry Garcia – lead guitar, vocals. Bob Weir – rhythm guitar, vocals. Ron "Pigpen" McKernan – harmonica, percussion, keyboards, vocals. Keith Godchaux – keyboards. Donna Godchaux – vocals. Phil Lesh – bass. Bill Kreutzmann – drums. The Grateful Dead...