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Heavy Metal Greenhaven


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Mar 28, 2018
Another find on my Pandorah Station. This is from Greenhavens website profile.

Morning. The sun slaps my face like a Bangkok whore, an angry Bangkok whore. 'Let's go Jack, this ain't no Motel 6.' Painfully I open my eyes, only to be greeted with the deceitful vision of the luckless. This is bad. Where the fuck am I?
More voices. They're not American, hell I'm not even sure they're human. What happened? It's all a wild blur. The only thing I can remember is that music, that goddamn music..."
Greenhaven was born in Phoenix, AZ in the year of Our Lord, 2001. The culmination of a year long quest to find the ideal band of brigands to bring one man's improbable visions of absurdity and recklessness to life. "I had only two requirements" says vocalist and founder Matt Strangwayes, "that they don't say nothin' to the cops, and that they rock with immeasurable vehemence." Strangwayes had been down this road before, having disbanded his previous outfit, former Pavement Music artists Windigo, only a year earlier. He constructed the bulk of his squad from the still-fresh remains of Phoenix stalwarts Love Not Human.
Drummer Bill Schumann was the perfect mix of Teutonic bombast with a Moonish disregard for etiquette. Jay Hofer seemed to be little more than a glue-burnt hood, but possessed the true soul of a guitar hotrod. All that was needed was someone to call down the thunder.
Many rumors had made the rounds about the man known only as "Uncle Dave." Some said he was dead, while others whispered of bizarre addictions and a lecherous past. Most, however, agreed that he was probably little more than a myth. None of that mattered to Strangwayes. For as he sat in that smoke filled cantina he had only one question for the shadowy figure across the table. "Who would win in a fight between The MC5 and Saxon?"
A new era in southwest musical culture had begun.


The Last Powerful Second 2009

The Band
Bill Schumann-drums
Jay Hofer- guitars, vocals
Matt Strangwayes- vocals
Uncle Dave- bass, vocals

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