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stoner metal

  1. Magic

    Stoner Sonic Wolves

    Members: Kayt Vigil - vocals, bass Nico Nigro - guitars Vita - drums Albums: Before the End Comes (2016) Sonic Wolves (2018) III (2024) Sonic Wolves is a heavy stoner / psychedelic band from Italy. New album, III, was released March 22, 2024. Shapeshifter Full Album
  2. Magic

    Stoner Gnob

    Heavy psychedelic / Stoner metal from the UK members: Nicholas Georgiou: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion. Ben Kenobi Le Marchant: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar. Luke Tomkins: Guitar, Organ. Richard Noakes: Drums, Percussion, Santoor, End-Ding. Albums: Electric Dream Demon (2018) Gnob II (2023)...
  3. Magic

    Stoner Electric Cult

    Stoner Metal / Doom Metal from Mexico Discography: The First Rite EP (2021) Fuzzeremony EP (2022) 1.The White Line 05:52 2.Bacchus´Blood 08:12 3.Sleep Demons 06:31 4.Hammer of Doom 05:53 Full EP
  4. Magic

    Stoner The Well

    Website Facebook Discography: Samsara (2014) Pagan Science (2016) Death and Consolation (2019) Members: Lisa Alley - Bass, Vocals Ian Graham - Guitars, Vocals Jason Sullivan - Drums The Well are a psychedelic rock / stoner rock / stoner metal band from Texas, USA that formed in 2011...
  5. Magic

    Doom Metal Alunah

    Official Website Facebook Page Members: Jake Mason: Drums Dan Burchmore: Bass Siân Greenaway: Vocals Dean Ashton: Guitars Notable Past Members: Sophie Day: Vocals, Guitars Discography: Fall To Earth EP (2008) Call of Avernus (2010) White Hoarhound (2012) Awakening the Forest (2014) Solennial...
  6. Magic

    Doom Metal Orange Goblin

    Official Website Members: Ben Ward – vocals (1995–present) Joe Hoare – guitar (1995–present) Martyn Millard – bass guitar (1995–present) Chris Turner – drums (1995–present) Albums: (With Links to Album Info & Videos) Frequencies from Planet Ten (1997) Time Travelling Blues (1998) The Big...
  7. Oldhippie

    Heavy Metal Greenhaven

    Another find on my Pandorah Station. This is from Greenhavens website profile. Morning. The sun slaps my face like a Bangkok whore, an angry Bangkok whore. 'Let's go Jack, this ain't no Motel 6.' Painfully I open my eyes, only to be greeted with the deceitful vision...
  8. Oldhippie

    The Company Band

    The Company Band is an American Rock band. Formed in 2007, the band is a supergroup featuring vocalist Neil Fallon (of Clutch), guitarists James A. Rota (of Fireball Ministry) and Dave Bone, bassist Brad Davis (of Fu Manchu), and drummer Jess Margera (of CKY and Viking Skull. Official Website...