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Capability Brown


Active member
Jun 24, 2018
Citrus Heights, California
Anyone out there heard of these guys? Me not until today! Don't laugh, but this is how it got started. I was trying to find a Simpson’s episode with the TV character "fuzzy snuggle duck" who appears on the show that Maggie likes to watch, "the happy little elves". So here is where I’m going with this! YouTube brought me to a recording by an English rock band “Fuzzy Duck” from 1971. I’ve never heard of ‘em or heard this music before today. One of the comments posted under the video was “didn’t they eventually become Capability Brown?” So that spiked my curious nature and so here they are! I looked them up on Wikipedia and don’t recognize any of the band members’ names.

Capability Brown on Wikipedia

Capability Brown on Prog Archives


Staff member
Mar 27, 2018
Very groovy find, @brenluvbirds !!! It is amazing how many of these really cool late 60's early 70's bands were unappreciated during their time and just quit.........

These guys have superb vocal harmonies. I would rate them right up there with Cosby Stills Nash & Young, and that is judging from the two posted videos. They are very gifted musicians, too. I am going to have to dig into them more and see if I can find their 2 albums.......

Liar (a funky cover of the original by Argent but made famous by Three Dog Night)

Midnight Cruiser (Steely Dan cover)