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rock n roll

  1. Magic

    Ghost Hounds

    Official Website Members: Thomas Tull - Guitars (and co-owner of Pittsburg Steelers) Johnny Baab - Guitars Tré Nation - Vocals Bennett Miller - Bassist Joe Munroe - Keyboards Blaise Lanzetta - Drums Albums: Roses are Black (2019) A Little Calamity (2021) Ghost Hounds is a hard rock/blues...
  2. brenluvbirds

    Capability Brown

    Anyone out there heard of these guys? Me not until today! Don't laugh, but this is how it got started. I was trying to find a Simpson’s episode with the TV character "fuzzy snuggle duck" who appears on the show that Maggie likes to watch, "the happy little elves". So here is where I’m going...
  3. Suh Dude

    Progressive Rock Riverside

    Riverside Official Website Here is a band that has not only time and time again proven to be worthy of praise, but they simultaneously are one of the most underrated progressive rock bands that came out post-2000. It says a lot about a band that is willing to continue the tradition of...