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rock aint dead

  1. Magic

    Black Smoke Trigger

    official website Members: Baldrick – vocals Charlie Wallace – guitar Dan Fulton – bass Josh Te Maro – drums Discography: (2019) Set It Off EP (2024) Horizons black Smoke Trigger are a Hard Rock / Alternative Rock band from NewZealand. They get their influence from Guns n Roses...
  2. Magic

    Black Star Riders

    Official website Current Members Ricky Warwick – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar (2012–present), lead guitar (2021–present) Sam Wood – lead guitar, backing vocals (2022–present) Robbie Crane – bass guitar, backing vocals (2014–present) Zak St. John – drums (2021–present)...
  3. Magic

    Super Group The Winery Dogs

    Official Website Members Richie Kotzen – guitar, keyboards, piano, lead vocals (2012–present) Mike Portnoy – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2012–present) Billy Sheehan – bass guitar, backing vocals (2012–present) Discography The Winery Dogs (2013) Hot Streak (2015) III (2023) The...
  4. Magic

    Shadow & The Thrill

    Official Website Members: Tony Montana (Great White) - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Harmonica Brentt Arcement (Black Molly's, Fiona Apple, Bullet Boys) - Drums, B3 Organ Shadow & The Thrill is a hard rock/ blues rock/ band from California. Their debut album "Sugarbowl" was released August 2020...
  5. Magic

    Blacktop Mojo

    Official Website Current Members: Matt James – vocals (2012–present) Ryan Kiefer – guitar (2012–present) Chuck Wepfer – guitar (2018–present) Matt Curtis – bass (2015–present) Nathan Gillis – drums (2012–present) Albums: I Am (2014) Burn the Ships (2017) Under the Sun (2019) Blacktop...
  6. Magic

    The Black Moods

    Official Website Members: Josh Kennedy - Vocalist, Guitarist Chico Diaz - Drummer Jordan Hoffman - Bassist Albums: The Black Moods (2012) Medicine (2016) Sunshine (2020) The Black Moods are a hard rock/rock band from Arizona that formed in 2010. Like a Wave Serves You Right Full Album:
  7. Magic

    Hot Thundermother

    Official Website Current Members: Guernica Mancini - Vocals Falippa Nassil - Guitar Majsan Lindberg - Bass Emlee (Emelie Johansson) - Drums Albums: Rock n Roll Disaster (2014) Road Fever (2015) Thundermother (2018) Heat Wave (2020) Thundermother is a hard rock/rock n roll band from...
  8. Magic

    Ghost Hounds

    Official Website Members: Thomas Tull - Guitars (and co-owner of Pittsburg Steelers) Johnny Baab - Guitars Tré Nation - Vocals Bennett Miller - Bassist Joe Munroe - Keyboards Blaise Lanzetta - Drums Albums: Roses are Black (2019) A Little Calamity (2021) Ghost Hounds is a hard rock/blues...
  9. Magic

    Cold Stares

    Official Website Members: Chris Tapp - Guitarist, Vocalist Brian Mullins - Drummer Albums: A Cold Wet Night and a Howling Wind (2014) Head Bent (2017) Mountain (2018) Ways (2019) Heavy Shoes (2021) EP's: Resonator (2015) Look Over Yonder hill (2015) Ways Blue (2019) Ways White (2019) Ways...
  10. Magic

    Dirty Honey

    Official Website Members: Marc LaBelle – vocals John Notto – guitar Justin Smolian – bass guitar Corey Coverstone – drums Albums: Dirty Honey EP (2019) Dirty Honey (2021) Can’t Findthe Brakes (2023) Dirty Honey is a hard rock/blues rock band from California that formed in 2017. Let's Go...
  11. N

    News NEW RELEASE! Crossing that Line

    Hey everyone! Please check out our new release on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/track/5rGx79QZG4uK3imWTUfZdr?si=4TGnQSRGRTiVyF1P4rlXAA
  12. K

    CAST!L -Bay Area Artist-

    I'm CAST!L from the bay area. A DIY Rock Artist trying to inject some metal into the younger cats like me. I just write what I love and what I love is rock and metal \m/! I lean more into the experimental side, blending genres and just putting on whatever I want and what sounds good to me, and...
  13. Magic

    The Night Flight Orchestra

    Facebook Page Members: Björn "Speed" Strid – vocals (2007–present) David Andersson – guitar (2007–present) Sharlee D'Angelo – bass guitar (2007–present) Richard Larsson – keyboards (2007–present) Jonas Källsbäck – drums (2007–present) Sebastian Forslund – congas, percussion, guitar...
  14. Magic

    Block Buster

    Official Website Members: Aarni Metsäpelto - Vocals & Guitar Jaakko Metsäpelto - Drums Elias Salo - Lead Guitar Joonas Arppe - Bass Discography: Losing Gravity (2019) Block Buster is an up and coming rock band from Finland. Move Back From the Shadows Would You Do It...