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CAST!L -Bay Area Artist-


New member
Mar 14, 2020
Bay Area
I'm CAST!L from the bay area. A DIY Rock Artist trying to inject some metal into the younger cats like me. I just write what I love and what I love is rock and metal \m/! I lean more into the experimental side, blending genres and just putting on whatever I want and what sounds good to me, and yes that means occasional synths and auto-tunes. I'm all about pushing for new sounds and widening the boundaries of Rock and Metal. You can fuck off if you don't like it
. I value live instruments and raw vocals first and foremost but I already know gate keepers are going to hate me for experimenting, so bring it bitches ❤️. Anyways, follow me on my Soundcloud. I have my first track out called ".Sunset." check it out if you want by opening the link here --> ".Sunset." by CAST!L