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neoclassical metal

  1. Magic

    Power Metal Iron Mask

    Official Website Current Members: Dushan Petrossi - guitars, bass, keyboards Diego Valdez - vocals Vassili Moltchanov - bass Ramy Ali - drums Albums: (With links to album info & videos) Revenge Is My Name (2002) Hordes of the Brave (2005) Shadow of the Red Baron (2009) Black as Death (2011)...
  2. Magic

    Progressive Symphony X

    Official Website Current Band Members: Michael Romeo Michael Pinnella Jason Rullo Russell Allen Michael Lepond Albums: (with links to album info and videos) Symphony X (1994) The Damnation Game (1995) The Divine Wings of Tragedy (1997) Twilight in Olympus (1998) V: The New Mythology Suite...
  3. Magic

    Power Metal Edguy

    Official Website: Edguy Current Members: Tobias Sammet Jens Ludwig Dirk Sauer Tobias Exxel Felix Bohnke Albums: (with links to album info & videos) 1997 Kingdom of Madness 1998 Vain Glory Opera 1999 Theater of Salvation 2000 The Savage Poetry 2001 Mandrake 2004 Hellfire Club 2006 Rocket...
  4. Magic

    Heavy Metal Impellitteri

    Official Website: IMPELLITTERI Current Members: Chris Impellitteri James Amelio Pulli Ed Roth Rob Rock Jon Dette Albums: Stand in Line (1988) Grin and Bear It (1992) Answer to the Master (1994) Screaming Symphony (1996) Eye of the Hurricane (1997) Crunch (2000) System X (2002) Pedal to...