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melodic death metal

  1. haiduk

    Black Metal Haiduk

    HAIDUK - Luka Milojica - All Instruments, Vocals Discography: 2010 – Plagueswept (demo) 2012 – Spellbook (full-length) 2015 – Demonicon (full-length) 2018 – Exomancer (full-length) 2021 – Diabolica (full-length) https://haiduk.bandcamp.com
  2. Magic

    Melodic Death Metal Semblant

    Facebook Page Current Members: Sergio Mazul – vocals J. Augusto – keyboards Mizuho Lin – vocals Sol Perez – guitars Juliano Ribeiro – guitars Thor Sikora – drums Discography: Last Night of Mortality (2010) Lunar Manifesto (2014) Obscura (2020) Semblant is a melodic death metal/ gothic...
  3. Magic

    Death Metal God Dethroned

    Facebook Page Current Members: Henri "T.S.K." Sattler - vocals, rhythm guitar (1991-1993, 1996-2012, 2015-present) Michiel Van Der Plicht - drums (2009-2012, 2015-present) Mike Ferguson - lead guitar (2015-present) Jeroen Pomper - bass (2015-present) Discography Christhunt demo (1991) The...

    Death Metal Neaera

    Neaera Members: Benjamin Hilleke – lead vocals Stefan Keller – guitar Tobias Buck – guitar Benjamin Donath – bass Sebastian Heldt – drums Albums: The Rising Tide of Oblivion (2005) Let the Tempest Come (2006) Armamentarium (2007) Omnicide- Creation Unleashed (2009) Forging the Eclipse...
  5. Mr. Gregory

    Death Metal Be'lakor

    Official Website Current members: George Kosmas (vocals, guitar) Shaun Sykes (guitar) John Richardson (bass) Steve Merry (keyboard, piano) Elliott Sansom (drums) Albums: The Frail Tide (2007) Stone's Reach (2009) Of Breath and Bone (2012) Vessels (2016) Coherence (2021) Be'lakor is an...
  6. Mr. Gregory


    Official Website Current members: Elize Ryd - clean vocals Nils Molin - clean vocals Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson - growled vocals Olof Mörck - guitar, keyboard, synthesizer Johan Andreassen - bass Morten Løwe Sørensen - drums Notable former members: Joacim "Jake E" Lundberg - clean vocals...
  7. Mr. Gregory

    Death Metal Arch Enemy

    Official Website Current members: Alissa White-Gluz (vocals) Michael Amott (guitar) Jeff Loomis (guitar) Sharlee D'Angelo (bass) Daniel Erlandsson (drums) Notable former members: Angela Gossow (vocals) Johan Liiva (vocals) Albums: Black Earth (1996) Stigmata (1998) Burning Bridges (1999)...
  8. Magic

    Heavy Metal Reflection

    Facebook Members: George Thomaidis – Vocals Stathis Pavlantis – Guitars John Litinakis – Bass George Pavlantis – Drums Iraklis Loukakis – Keyboards Albums: The Fire Still Burns (1999) Odyssey (2003) When Shadows Fall (2008) Bleed Babylon Bleed (2017) Reflection is an epic heavy metal /...
  9. Mr. Gregory

    Death Metal Eluveitie

    Official Website Current members: Chrigel Glanzmann (vocals) Fabienne Erni (vocals, harp) Rafael Salzmann (lead guitar) Kay Brem (bass) Matteo Sisti (bagpipes) Nicole Ansperger (violin, vocals) Alain Ackermann (drums) Jonas Wolf (rhythm guitar) Michalina Malisz (hurdy-gurdy) Notable former...
  10. Mr. Gregory

    Death Metal Insomnium

    Official Website Current members: Niilo Sevänen (vocals, bass) Ville Friman (guitar, vocals) Markus Vanhala (guitar) Markus Hirvonen (drums) Albums: In the Halls of Awaiting (2002) Since the Day It All Came Down (2004) Above the Weeping World (2006) Across the Dark (2009) One for Sorrow...
  11. Mr. Gregory

    Death Metal Amorphis

    Official Website Current members: Tomi Joutsen – lead vocals, acoustic guitar Esa Holopainen – lead guitar Tomi Koivusaari – rhythm guitar Santeri Kallio – keyboards Olli-Pekka Laine – bass Jan Rechberger – drums Albums: The Karelian Isthmus (1992) Tales from the Thousand Lakes (1994) Elegy...