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Symphonic Xandria

Mr. Gregory

Senior Member
Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey

Official Website

Current members:
  • Ambre Vourvahis (vocals)
  • Marco Heubaum (rhythm guitar)
  • Rob Klawonn (lead guitar)
  • Tim Schwarz (bass)
  • Dimitros Gatsios (drums)
Notable former members:
  • Dianne van Giersbergen (vocals)
  • Manuela Kraller (vocals)
  • Lisa Middelhauve (vocals)
  • Philip Restemeier (lead guitar)
  • Steven Wussow (bass)
  • Gerit Lamm (drums)
Xandria is a German symphonic metal band. They're my favorite in this subgenre and are easily one of my favorite bands overall. Like most symphonic metal bands, they've had a revolving door of vocalists. Lisa Middelhauve (Kill the Sun -> Salomé), Manuela Kraller (Neverworld's End), and the lovely Dianne van Giersbergen (Sacrificium, Fire & Ashes [2015 EP], and Theater of Dimensions) have all come and gone.

After Dianne, my favorite of their previous vocalists, left back in 2017, they toured with Aeva Maurelle for a little while, and their future was somewhat in limbo until Ambre Vourvahis joined the pretty much all-new lineup last year. My boy Marco Heobaum, the architect of the band, is the only original member left.

Their earlier stuff has a bit of a gothic vibe to it, and with Neverworld's End, they started to shift towards a more aggressive power metal sound that I absolutely love. Sacrificium is my current favorite album of theirs and is an absolute masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. The disappointment that I felt after learning that Manuela left the band quickly went away once I heard Dianne's voice on the opening track. Everything just blended together so perfectly on that album. I need to spend some more time listening to Theater of Dimensions, but it's very good as well.

I can't wait to hear their new album, The Wonders Still Awaiting. Ambre is so adorable, and from the little that I have heard of her so far, she has a lovely voice. :giggle:

Ravenheart (title track from that album)

Valentine (from Neverworld's End)

The Lost Elysion (from Neverworld's End)

Stardust (from Sacrificium)

Betrayer (from Sacrificium)

Don't Say A Word (Sonata Arctica cover, from the Fire & Ashes EP)

Call of Destiny (from Theater of Dimensions)

Reborn (from The Wonders Still Awaiting)

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