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Black Metal Winterfylleth


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Mar 27, 2018

Official Website

Current Members:
  • Chris Naughton – guitars, lead vocals (2007-present)
  • Simon Lucas – drums (2007-present)
  • Nick Wallwork – bass, backing vocals (2009-present)
  • Dan Capp – guitars, backing vocals (2014-present)
  • Mark Deeks - keyboards, backing vocals (2014-present)

  • The Ghost of Heritage (2008)
  • The Mercian Sphere (2010)
  • The Threnody of Triumph (2012)
  • The Divination of Antiquity (2014)
  • The Dark Hereafter (2016)
  • The Hallowing Of Heirdom (2018)

Winterfylleth is an English black metal band which formed in 2007.

Their music is filled with acoustic, melodic, atmospheric and moody journeys. .No black cloud is going to open up with red falling rain but you will get some brutal aural violence from time to time.

Lyrically, the band delve into tales of England’s archaic history, re-counting major events, battles, the spiritual outlook of the people and the way they lived and even draw inspiration from certain sites and scenery that grace the countryside of England and have played an integral part in England’s history.


The March to Maldon

The Ghost of Heritage

Mr. Gregory

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Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey
They're a solid black metal band. I have a few of their albums. I actually haven't listened to them for a while and need to check their newest album out.

@Magic, if you like them, check Fen out when you get a chance, if you haven't already heard of them. They're a British black metal band with somewhat of a post metal vibe. I'll post a video or two of theirs in another thread somewhere and tag you.
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