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What are you listening to, other rock favorites version?

Mr. Gregory

Well-known member
Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey
This isn't rock music per se, but there's an adorable Japanese singer, Yukika, who lives in South Korea, sings in Korean, and has a couple of songs/videos in a Korean rhythm game I've been playing, DJMax Respect. The songs, Soul Lady and Neon (Neon 1989 in the game), are really good city pop songs and are challenging (for me) and fun to play through in the game. (City pop is 80's J-pop that contains elements of all sorts of different styles of music - funk, jazz, disco, soft rock, etc.)

I'm gonna give the album these songs are on, Soul Lady, a listen. If it's even half as good as these two songs are, I'll have to make a thread for her.

Soul Lady