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Progressive Ne Obliviscaris


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Aug 23, 2019
Ne Obliviscaris

Formed - 2003
Genre - Progressive Black/Death Metal.
Region - Australia

Ne Obliviscaris Wiki

Current Members
  • Tim Charles – violin (2003–present), clean vocals (2004–present)
  • Xenoyr – growled vocals (2003–present)
  • Matt Klavins – guitar (2004–present)
  • Daniel Presland – drums (2005–2011, 2012–present)
  • Benjamin Baret – lead guitar (2008–present)
  • Martino Garattoni – bass (2017–present)

Studio albums

I love to talk about Ne Obliviscaris. They are one of the most well known metal bands to come from Australia and keep gaining more popularity through world tours. A very unique Progressive band that mixes a lot of different styles but most notably for me they mix violins into very well orchestrated blackened progressive metal. Avant-garde would be another apt term to describe part of their sound and to me they have some Opeth vibes about them but they are their own band and you can tell they put their own mark on the Progressive/Metal landscape. Use of atmosphere through ambience and violins really gives them emotional impact while listening to their music especially the album Citadel. You can't go wrong with any of their albums honestly.

Forget Not



Mr. Gregory

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Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey
Ne Obliviscaris is an excellent band. I tried to get into them not too long after I first got into metal, and they were just way too much for my n00bish, untrained ears to comprehend. I listened to Urn after it was released, and it's a superb album - one of several superb albums that came out in 2017.