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Mar 27, 2018

Official Website: Krokus

Current Members:

1976 Krokus
1977 To You All
1978 Painkiller / Pay It in Metal
1980 Metal Rendez-vou
1981 Hardware
1982 One Vice at a Time
1983 Headhunter
1984 The Blitz
1986 Change of Address
1988 Heart Attack
1990 Stampede
1995 To Rock or Not to Be
1999 Round 13
2003 Rock the Block
2006 Hellraiser
2010 Hoodoo
2013 Dirty Dynamite
2017 Big Rocks

Krokus are a hard rock and heavy metal band from Switzerland. They enjoyed great success in North America during the 1980s
Krokus was formed in 1975 as a primarily progressive rock act. Chris von Rohr, originally the drummer, switched to lead vocals in the late 1970s (and he also played keyboards and percussion) and with that formation Krokus was successful in Switzerland, touring throughout the country. After seeing AC/DC in concert in the late 70s, they decided to change their musical direction and adopted a new sound which was heavily influenced by that band. Since von Rohr possessed limited vocal abilities and was not capable of hitting the third octave, the band decided to hire a new lead vocalist. Eventually, Marc Storace, formerly of TEA and Eazy Money, was hired in 1979. With the new line-up in place, the band recorded and released the album Metal Rendez-vous in 1980, which was Krokus' first hit and brought the band international recognition
(from Wiki)


Tokyo Nights
Apr 10, 2018
Carlisle, UK
Every time I hear them I just think about how Marc would've been the logical choice to replace Bon Scott...oh well...EAT THE RICH!!!!

The PERFECT cross between Judas Priest and AC/DC!!!
I put the Hellraiser album on, the first time my brother heard it, and he thought it was Bon Scott!

Bedside Radio was one of my first hard rock singles, still love em.