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  1. Magic


    Official Website Members: Danny Bowes – lead vocals (1989–2000, 2002–2009, 2011–present) Luke Morley – guitar, keyboards, harmonica, mandolin, backing vocals (1989–2000, 2002–2009, 2011–present) Ben Matthews – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1989–2000, 2002–2009, 2011–present) Chris Childs...
  2. Magic

    Stoner The Sword

    Official Website Members: John D. Cronise – vocals, rhythm guitar Kyle Shutt – lead guitar Bryan Richie – bass, keyboards Santiago "Jimmy" Vela III – drums Discography: Age of Winters (2006) Gods of the Earth (2008) Warp Riders (2010) Apocryphon (2012) High Country (2015) Used Future (2018)...

    Super Group PROJECTED

    Discography Human (2012) Ignite My Insanity (2017) Hypoxia (2022) Members: John Connolly – lead vocals, guitar Eric Friedman – guitar, backing vocals Vinnie Hornsby – bass guitar Scott Phillips – drums

    Temple Balls

    Official Website Discography: Traded Dreams (2017) Untamed (2019) Pyromide (2021) Temple Balls are a hard rock band from Finland

    Poison Rose

    Facebook Discography: Little Bang Theory (2022) Members: Marco Sivo - Vocals Andrea Seveso - Guitars Aldo Lonobile - Guitars Alessandro Del Vecchio - Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Edo Sala - Drums
  6. triptych

    The Jokers (2015)

    A bit of an "obscure" band for some, but good quality rock from them!


    Facebook Discography: Talas (1979), Sink Your Teeth Into That (1982) Live HIgh Speed On Ice (1983) This song is the first track put out by Talas in 37 years. Talas return with the brand new song "Inner Mounting Flame", featuring vocals by the late Talas frontman Naro, who passed away in May...
  8. Magic

    Kurt Deimer

    Official Website Kurt Deimer and Phil X (Bon Jovi) Discography Work Hard, Rock Hard EP - 2021 Keep your ears and eyes on these two hard rockers.....the EP is fabulous!! Naive Burn Together ft. Geoff Tate Only Time Will Tell Ease It In Back of the School Have A Cigar (Pink...
  9. Magic

    The Hellacopters

    Facebook Current Members: Nicke Andersson - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Matz Robert Eriksson - Drums, Percussion Anders Lindström - Organ, Piano, Percussion, Backing Vocals Dregen - Guitars, Percussion, Occasional Lead Vocals Dolf DeBorst - Bass, Backing Vocals Discography: 1996 –...
  10. Magic

    Shadow & The Thrill

    Official Website Members: Tony Montana (Great White) - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Harmonica Brentt Arcement (Black Molly's, Fiona Apple, Bullet Boys) - Drums, B3 Organ Shadow & The Thrill is a hard rock/ blues rock/ band from California. Their debut album "Sugarbowl" was released August 2020...
  11. Magic

    Blacktop Mojo

    Official Website Current Members: Matt James – vocals (2012–present) Ryan Kiefer – guitar (2012–present) Chuck Wepfer – guitar (2018–present) Matt Curtis – bass (2015–present) Nathan Gillis – drums (2012–present) Albums: I Am (2014) Burn the Ships (2017) Under the Sun (2019) Blacktop...
  12. Magic

    The Black Moods

    Official Website Members: Josh Kennedy - Vocalist, Guitarist Chico Diaz - Drummer Jordan Hoffman - Bassist Albums: The Black Moods (2012) Medicine (2016) Sunshine (2020) The Black Moods are a hard rock/rock band from Arizona that formed in 2010. Like a Wave Serves You Right Full Album:
  13. Magic

    Hot Thundermother

    Official Website Current Members: Guernica Mancini - Vocals Falippa Nassil - Guitar Majsan Lindberg - Bass Emlee (Emelie Johansson) - Drums Albums: Rock n Roll Disaster (2014) Road Fever (2015) Thundermother (2018) Heat Wave (2020) Thundermother is a hard rock/rock n roll band from...
  14. Magic

    Ghost Hounds

    Official Website Members: Thomas Tull - Guitars (and co-owner of Pittsburg Steelers) Johnny Baab - Guitars Tré Nation - Vocals Bennett Miller - Bassist Joe Munroe - Keyboards Blaise Lanzetta - Drums Albums: Roses are Black (2019) A Little Calamity (2021) Ghost Hounds is a hard rock/blues...
  15. Magic

    Cold Stares

    Official Website Members: Chris Tapp - Guitarist, Vocalist Brian Mullins - Drummer Albums: A Cold Wet Night and a Howling Wind (2014) Head Bent (2017) Mountain (2018) Ways (2019) Heavy Shoes (2021) EP's: Resonator (2015) Look Over Yonder hill (2015) Ways Blue (2019) Ways White (2019) Ways...
  16. Magic

    Dirty Honey

    Official Website Members: Marc LaBelle – vocals John Notto – guitar Justin Smolian – bass guitar Corey Coverstone – drums Albums: Dirty Honey EP (2019) Dirty Honey (2021) Dirty Honey is a hard rock/blues rock band from California that formed in 2017. Let's Go Crazy (Prince) this song...
  17. Magic

    Glam Metal Junkyard 69

    FACEBOOK Junkyard 69 are a glam metal / hard rock band from Greece that formed in 2011. Debut album: Awaken the Fallen (2021) Band Members: Vaine – Vocals Jersey – Guitars Phoenix - Guitars Nikko Lust – Bass Spades - Drums Full Album
  18. Magic


    Official Website Classic Lineup: Mike Levine – bass, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals (1975–1993, 2008, 2019) Gil Moore – drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals (1975–1993, 2008, 2019) Rik Emmett – guitars, lead and backing vocals, synthesizers, keyboards, bass (1975–1988, 2008...
  19. HEADS UP

    Memoria Avenue

    Official Website Memoria Avenue is a stunning new melodic/AOR rock band from Norway that presents an artistic union between guitarist Tor Talle and talented new singer Jan Le’Brandt. With the addition of keyboardist Dag Selboskar, bassist Svenn Huneide and drummer Bjørn Olav Lauvdal, the...
  20. Visual Muse Media

    Lezt Zep-Interview: The Story Behind

    The Story Behind con Billy Kulke cantante Letz Zep - band page Banda Tributo N1 de Led Zeppelin. Popping Art & Rock Music 😜🤷‍♀️😂 www.visualmusemedia.com #bandsinterviews #livemusic #musicaenvivo #Entrevistas #rockmusic #produccion #conciertos