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heavy psychedelic rock

  1. Magic

    Stoner Gnob

    Heavy psychedelic / Stoner metal from the UK members: Nicholas Georgiou: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion. Ben Kenobi Le Marchant: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar. Luke Tomkins: Guitar, Organ. Richard Noakes: Drums, Percussion, Santoor, End-Ding. Albums: Electric Dream Demon (2018) Gnob II (2023)...
  2. Magic

    Doom Metal Alunah

    Official Website Facebook Page Members: Jake Mason: Drums Dan Burchmore: Bass Siân Greenaway: Vocals Dean Ashton: Guitars Notable Past Members: Sophie Day: Vocals, Guitars Discography: Fall To Earth EP (2008) Call of Avernus (2010) White Hoarhound (2012) Awakening the Forest (2014) Solennial...
  3. Magic

    Vanilla Fudge

    Official Website Current Band Members: Mark Stein – lead vocals, keyboards Vince Martell – guitar, vocals Carmine Appice – drums, vocals Pete Bremy – bass, vocals Notable Past Members: Tim Bogert - bass, vocals Albums: Vanilla Fudge (1967) The Beat Goes On (1968) Renaissance (1968) Near...
  4. Magic


    Members: Alan Parker (The Axe Man) - Guitar Herbie Flowers (The Master) - Bass Clem Cattini (The Drum Lord) - Drums Alan Hawkshaw (The Hammerin’ Hammond Honcho) - keyboards Peter Stirling (Sterling Silver Voice) – vocals Rumplestiltskin was a hard rock/ heavy psychedelic rock/ blues rock band...