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german band

  1. Magic

    Power Metal Powerwolf

    Official Website Current Members: Attila Dorn (real name Karsten Brill) – vocals (2003–present) Matthew Greywolf (real name Benjamin Buss) – lead and rhythm guitar (2003–present) Charles Greywolf (real name David Vogt) – rhythm guitar, studio bass (2003–present) Falk Maria Schlegel – keyboards...
  2. Magic

    Heavy Metal Snakebite

    Official Website Members: Dominik "Nikki" Wagner Julian Fischer Alex Lacroix Chris van Kough EP's and Albums: Street Justice EP (2012) Snakebite EP (2013) Princess of Pain (2014) Rise of the Snake (2018) Snakebite is a heavy metal / hard rock band from Germany. If you are into...