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Your 2023 Top Artists/Albums/Songs

Mr. Gregory

Senior Member
Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey
I always look forward to Spotify's Wrapped presentation. It's an annual review that shows you your top artists/songs for the year, your top genres, how much you listened, when you listened, etc.

The top four artists on my chart this year didn't surprise me, but the fifth one sure did:

1) Sylvaine
2) Yukika
3) Alvvays
4) Auri
5) Dark Tranquility

My overall top 5 songs are all from Sylvaine's Nova album, which also isn't a surprise at all. I've been enthralled with it since the moment I first heard it. It has been my go-to album for my morning commute.

1) Everything Must Come to an End
2) I Close My Eyes so I Can See
3) Fortapt
4) Nova
5) Mono No Aware

My top songs from each of the rest of my top 5 artists are:

2) Yukika - Soul Lady (title track from that album)
3) Alvvays - Tom Verlaine (from Blue Rev)
4) Auri - Night 13 (from their self-titled debut album)
5) Dark Tranquillity - Out of Nothing (from Character)

For those of you who use Spotify or any other (streaming) music platform, who were your top 5 artists, and/or what were your top 5 songs? If you don't use any music platforms, who/what would you choose as your top 5 artists/songs/albums of the year?
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