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Is Jag Panzer Power Metal?

Dec 15, 2021
United States
I'm not terribly familiar with Jag Panzer's discography, though I have enjoyed their cover of In A Gadda Da Vida a number of times. I was listening to their 1986 album "Shadow Thief" today on Spotify, and I decided to read up on the group's bio on Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, Panzer is listed as a "power metal" group, which surprised me, and it seems others on the internet also list them in this category.

To me, they don't sound like power metal at all. They sound just like standard 80s heavy metal, or to be more precise, NWOBHM, in the style of Maiden and the many bands they inspired.

Just to make sure I wasn't going mad, I checked out a sampling of random songs Spotify considers "This is Power Metal," and sure enough, I got the sound I expected. Music that sounds like Dragonforce. Now look, as a guitarist, I got nothing but respect for the immense musicianship demanded of players in this genre, but that said, I personally don't care much for the style of the music. It's too weak, too soft and high-pitched, very poppy (if pop music were progressive anyway).

Jag Panzer definitely does not sound like these groups. They sound much more like the bog standard style of non-hair heavy metal you would find in the 80s. (Not to say that band's playing is average, just that this is the vanilla, common style of the era.)

Did Wikipedia and other netizens make a mistake, or am I missing something here?
Mar 29, 2022
Sydney Australia
Well, no-one can deny that Joey Tafolla is a kick ass axeman !:). However, this band had passed through the cracks and did effectively get very little airplay in its day. I like the way they took Maiden's style and "exasperated" :) the sound and chords.
Great bad and great rediscovery for me ....ty . .