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Heavy (1968)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Title: Heavy
Artist: Iron Butterfly
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Released: 1968

1 - Possession - 2:46
2 - Unconscious Power - 2:32
3 - Get Out of My Life, Woman - 3:58
4 - Gentle as It May Seem - 2:28
5 - You Can't Win - 2:41
6 - So-Lo - 4:05
7 - Look for the Sun - 2:14
8 - Fields of Sun - 3:12
9 - Stamped Ideas - 2:08
10 - Iron Butterfly Theme - 4:34

is the debut studio album by the rock band Iron Butterfly, released in early 1968.

The first two tracks, "Unconscious Power" and "Possession", were released as the respective sides of a single.

Three of the group's members (Darryl DeLoach, Jerry Penrod, and Danny Weis) left the band shortly after the album was recorded, leaving Ingle and Bushy to find replacements. Despite being a debut album with no hit single to provide an entry point for the casual listener, Heavy was a commercial success, reaching number 78 on the Billboard Charts and eventually going Gold in the US.
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