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tygers of pan tang

  1. Magic

    Review Tygers of Pan Tang - Ritual (2019)

    Album: Ritual Artist: Tygers of Pan Tang Country of Origin: England Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Released: November 22, 2019 Label: Mighty Music Purchase: CD here, Vinyl here Worlds Apart Destiny Rescue Me Raise Some Hell Spoils of War White Lines Words Cut Like Knives Damn You! Love...
  2. Riffmaster1981

    Heavy Metal Tygers of pan tang

    Official Website Current Members: Robb Weir – guitar, backing vocals (1978–1982, 1999–present) Gavin Gray – bass, backing vocals (1999, 2011–present) Craig Ellis – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2000–present) Jacopo "Jack" Meille – lead vocals (2004–present) Michael "Micky" Crystal –...