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sludge metal

  1. Magic

    Progressive Mastodon

    Official Website Mastodon is a Heavy/Progressive/Sludge//Stoner/Alternative Metal band from Atlanta Georgia which formed in 2000. Mastodon is a highly accredited band for their live performance. Current Band Members: Brann Dailor – drums, percussion (2000–present), backing vocals...
  2. Magic

    Sludge Metal Khorada

    L to R: Jason Walton, Don Anderson, Aaron Gregory, Aesop Dekker Official Website Members: Aaron John Gregory (ex - Giant Squid) - Vocalist / Guitarist Don Anderson (ex - Agalloch) - Guitarist Jason Walton (ex - Agalloch) - Bassist Aesop Dekker (ex- Agalloch) - Drummer KHôRADA was formed...
  3. Magic

    Sludge Metal Baroness

    Official Website: http://yourbaroness.com/ Current Members: John Baizley Nick Jost Sebastian Thomson Gina Gleason Albums: (with links to album info) Red Album (2007) Blue Record (2009) Yellow & Green (2012) Purple (2015) Gold & Grey (2019) Baroness play an eclectic type heavy...