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  1. Magic


    Band Member Interview Alkatrazz on Wikipedia Band Members: Bob Jenner - Guitars Craig Stevens - Vocals Garry Bevan - Bass Nick Parsons - Drums Albums: Young Blood (1981) Radio 5 (1982) Alkatrazz were a British hard rock / heavy metal band that was part of the NWOBHM movement. They were...

    Traditional Metal PRAYING MANTIS

    Official Website Discography Time Tells No Lies (Arista, 1981) Predator in Disguise (Pony Canyon, 1991) A Cry for the New World (Pony Canyon, 1993) To the Power of Ten (Pony Canyon, 1995) Forever in Time (Pony Canyon, 1998) Nowhere to Hide (Pony Canyon, 2000) The Journey Goes On (Pony Canyon...
  3. SiphonOfDestruction

    Heavy Metal Angel Witch

    Current Lineup Kevin Heybourne Will Palmer Jimmy Martin Thomas Hardy Album Discography (Studio) Angel Witch (1980) Screamin' 'n' Bleedin' (1985) Frontal Assault (1986) As Above, So Below (2012) Angel of Light (2019) Official Website Basic information from Wikipedia... Angel Witch are a...
  4. SiphonOfDestruction

    Heavy Metal Witchfynde

    Current Lineup Luther Beltz Montalo (Trevor Taylor) Pete Surgey Gra Scoresby Tracey Abbott Album Discography (Studio) Give 'Em Hell (1980) Stagefright (1980) Cloak and Dagger (1983) Lords of Sin (1984) The Witching Hour (2001) Play It To Death (2008) Official Website Basic information from...
  5. SiphonOfDestruction

    Heavy Metal Diamond Head

    Current Lineup Brian Tatler Karl Wilcox Andy Abberley Ramsus Bom Andersen Dean Ashton Album Discography (With Links to album Info) Lightning to the Nations (1980) Borrowed Time (1982) Canterbury (1983) Death and Progress (1993) All Will Be Revealed (2005) What's in Your Head? (2007) Diamond...