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king diamond


    Heavy Metal Mercyful Fate

    Facebook Mercyful Fate Coven King Diamond Website Current Members: King Diamond – lead vocals, keyboards Hank Shermann – guitars Bjarne T. Holm – drums Mike Wead – guitars Discography: Melissa (1983) Don't Break the Oath (1984) In the Shadows (1993) Time (1994) Into the Unknown (1996)...
  2. Magic

    Heavy Metal King Diamond

    Official Website Current Members: King Diamond – vocals, keyboards (1985–present) Andy LaRocque – guitars, keyboards (1985–present) Mike Wead – guitars (1991–1993, 2000–present) Matt Thompson – drums (2000–present) Pontus Egberg – bass (2014–present) Albums: Fatal Portrait (1986) Abigail...