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gothic rock

  1. Magic

    Gothic Love Like Blood

    Albums: Flags of Revolution (1990) An Irony of Fate (1992) Odyssee (1994) Exposure (1995) Snakekiller (1998) Enslaved+Condemned (2000) Chronology of a Love Affair (2001) Love Like Blood was a gothic metal, gothic rock band from Germany comprised of two brothers, Gunnar Eysel & Yorck Eysel...
  2. Magic

    Gothic Evanescence

    Official Website Current Members: Amy Lee – lead vocals, keyboards, harp (1995–present) Troy McLawhorn – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2011–present; touring musician 2007–2011) Jen Majura – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals, theremin (2015–present) Tim McCord – bass...


    Official Website Studio Albums: Fears (2010) Antagony (2011) Die Tomorrow (2012) From the Flame Into the Fire (2014) Empyrean (2016) Thornstar (2018) Judas (2021) Blood & Glitter (2022) Weapons of Mass Seduction (2023) Lord of the Lost is a Gothic Metal / Gothic Rock / Industrial Metal band...
  4. Mr. Gregory

    The Birthday Massacre

    Official Website Current members: Chibi (vocals) Rainbow (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) Falcore (lead guitar) Rhim (drums) Owen (keyboards) Nate Manor (bass) Albums: Nothing and Nowhere (2002) Violet (2004) Walking with Strangers (2007) Pins and Needles (2010) Hide and Seek (2012)...