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first impression

  1. Magic

    First Impression Ozzy Osbourne - Patient Number 9 (2022)

    Ozzy Osbourne - Patient Number 9 (2022) Heavy Metal Tracklist: 1. "Immortal" (feat. Mike McCready) 2. "Patient Number 9" (feat. Jeff Beck) 3. "Parasite" (feat. Zakk Wylde) 4. "No Escape From Now" (feat. Tony Iommi) 5. "One of Those Days" (feat. Eric Clapton) 6. "A Thousand Shades" (feat. Jeff...
  2. Magic

    First Impression Vortex - Them Witches (2019)

    Vortex (Netherlands) Old School Heavy Metal Tracklist: 1. Spiritualien 2. Death At Dawn 3. I.C.U. 4. Them Witches 5. Gonna Hit You 6. Tremorial 7. No Breath 8. Fearless 9. Five Fall 10. Thirst Things First Lineup: Jurjen “Thunderforce” Tichelaar - Vocals Martjo “Whirwolf” Brongers- Guitar...