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epic heavy metal

  1. Magic

    Heavy Metal Warrior Path

    Warrior Path Home Page Warrior Path is a Heavy/Power Metal band from Athens Greece which formed in 2019. Their sound has hit the metal world like Thor's hammer! Band Members: Bob Katsionis - Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards Andreas Sinanoglou - Acoustic & Rhythm Guitar Daniel Heiman - Vocals...
  2. Magic

    Doom Metal Capilla Ardiente

    Facebook Page Bandcamp Page Band Members: C. Botarro Neira - Bass F. Plaza Kutzbach - Vocals F. Aguirre - Drums J. Borquez - Lead Guitar I. Leiva - Rythm Guitar Discography: Solve et Coagula EP (2009) Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness (2014) The Siege (2019) Capilla Ardiente ( which...
  3. Magic

    Heavy Metal Reflection

    Facebook Members: George Thomaidis – Vocals Stathis Pavlantis – Guitars John Litinakis – Bass George Pavlantis – Drums Iraklis Loukakis – Keyboards Albums: The Fire Still Burns (1999) Odyssey (2003) When Shadows Fall (2008) Bleed Babylon Bleed (2017) Reflection is an epic heavy metal /...