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alice in chains

  1. Magic

    Review Alice In Chains - Facelift (1990)

    Album: Facelift Artist: Alice In Chains Country of Origin: USA Genre: Grunge / Alternative Rock / Hard Rock / Alternative Metal Released: August 22, 1990 Label: Columbia Records Purchase: Here 01. We Die Young 02. Man in the Box 03. Sea of Sorrow 04. Bleed the Freak 05. I Can’t Remember...
  2. Magic

    Alice in Chains

    (1990) Band L to R: Sean Kinney, Jerry Cantrell, Layne Staley, Mike Starr (2017) Band L to R: Mike Inez, Jerry Cantrell, William Duvall, Sean Kinney Official Website Pre Alice In Chains was a glam band called Sleze then they changed it to Alice N' Chains very soon after assembling their...