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Car Of The Day(For My Amusement)


Resident Yooper
Mar 28, 2018
Willy Borscht in the Winged Express AA/Fuel Altered, the most evil drag racing car ever built. to add to the excitement Willy was narcoleptic. Fuel altered werebanned in the 70's

A Fuel Altered run is one of least predictable events in sports, and people never tire of seeing a giant, powerful beast careen out of control (this also explains Liz Taylor’s career). What lends these freaky-looking things their uneven temperament is the combination of massively powerful engines (basically Top Fuel dragster territory) and non-aerodynamic bodies (prewar Fiats, Austins and roadsters). Throw in the Altereds’ very short wheelbase, anywhere from 75 to 100 inches, and you have the makings some extremely truly multidirectional runs. You see, while speed was never a problem for these things (the Altereds routinely ran 170-plus mph in their halcyon days – the late ‘60s -- and many of today’s AA/FAs, like Jeff Bennett’s “No Mercy,” are running 5s in the quarter-mile). The problem? Keeping the Fuel Altered in a forward trajectory that reaches the finish line before it reaches, say, the Christmas Tree, the guardrail, and/or the grandstands


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