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When Dream and Day Unite (1989)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Title: When Dream and Day Unite
Artist: Dream Theater
Genre: Progressive Metal
Released: 1989

1 - A Fortune in Lies - 5:09
2 - Status Seeker - 4:14
3 - The Ytse Jam - 5:43
4 - The Killing Hand - 8:38
5 - Light Fuse and Get Away - 7:20
6 - Afterlife - 5:24
7 - The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun - 8:01
8 - Only a Matter of Time - 6:35

When Dream and Day Unite is the debut studio album by American progressive metal/progressive rock band Dream Theater, released on March 6, 1989 through Mechanic/MCA Records. The album is composed mainly of material that originally surfaced during the band's early years as Majesty, and is the only Dream Theater album to feature Charlie Dominici on vocals, as James LaBrie replaced Dominici as the lead vocalist on subsequent albums.
Although this album does not have a title track, the quote "when dream and day unite" appears in the album's closing track "Only a Matter of Time".
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