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The Odyssey (2002)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Title: The Odyssey
Artist: Symphony X
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Released: 2002

1 - Inferno (Unleash the Fire) - 5:32
2 - Wicked - 5:32
3 - Incantations of the Apprentice - 4:22
4 - Accolade II - 7:53
5 - King of Terrors - 6:19
6 - The Turning - 4:44
7 - Awakenings - 8:21
8 - The Odyssey - 24:09

The Odyssey is the sixth studio album by progressive metal band Symphony X. It was the first to be recorded entirely at guitarist Michael Romeo's home studio. The fourth track, "Accolade II," is a sequel to "The Accolade" from The Divine Wings of Tragedy. The album (in particular the track "Awakenings") is heavily influenced by the band Kansas. The eighth track is the album's grand finale: a 24-minute musical take on Homer's "The Odyssey" about the journey of Greek hero Odysseus.
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