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Classic Metal Saxon


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Apr 3, 2018

Current Lineup
Biff Byford – vocals
Paul Quinn – guitar
Nibbs Carter – bass
Doug Scarratt – guitar
Nigel Glockler – drums

Album Discography
Saxon (1979)
Wheels of Steel (1980)
Strong Arm of the Law (1980)
Denim and Leather (1981)
Power & the Glory
Crusader (1984)
Innocence Is No Excuse (1985)
Rock the Nations
Destiny (1988)
Solid Ball of Rock
Forever Free (1992)
Dogs of War (1995)
Unleash the Beast (1997)
Metalhead (1999)
Killing Ground
Lionheart (2004)
The Inner Sanctum (2007)
Into the Labyrinth (2009)
Call to Arms (2011)
Sacrifice (2013)
Battering Ram
Thunderbolt (2018)
Inspirations (2021)

Official Website

Basic information from Wikipedia...
Saxon are an English heavy metal band formed in 1977, in Barnsley. As one of the leaders of the new wave of British heavy metal, they had eight UK Top 40 albums in the 1980s including four UK Top 10 albums and two Top 5 albums. The band also had numerous singles in the UK Singles Chart and chart success all over Europe and Japan, as well as success in the US. During the 1980s Saxon established themselves as one of Europe's biggest metal acts. The band tours regularly and have sold more than 23 million albums worldwide. They are considered one of the classic metal acts and have influenced many bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Mötley Crüe, Pantera, Dream Theater and Sodom.



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Mar 27, 2018
Denim and Leather celebrates its 40th birthday October 5, 2021.


Denim and Leather is the fourth studio album by English heavy metal band Saxon released in 1981. The album was certified Gold status in the U.K. This was the last album with the classic line up of Saxon, as drummer Pete Gill would leave the band due to a hand injury, later joining Motörhead; this was also seen as the last of their triptych of classic albums (the previous two being Wheels of Steel and Strong Arm of the Law).

Never Surrender

Princess of the Night


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Mar 27, 2018
Inspirations album was released March 2021.


Inspirations consists of covers of songs of various artists from the 1960s and 1970s that influenced Saxon over the years. Byford said ″We wanted to do an album based on our influences, the songs and bands that inspired us to write what we did and still do, and it was also interesting to see what my voice could do as I haven’t sung many of these songs before.″[1] The songs are mostly from the hard rock, Psychedelic rock, Blues rock, and heavy metal genres. The band played close to the musical styles of the bands they covered, but also added some of their own heavier sound.
Speed King

Paint it Black

Evil Woman