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QR III (1986)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Title: QR III
Artist: Quiet Riot
Genre: Heavy Metal
Released: 1986

1 - Main Attraction - 4:45
2 - The Wild and the Young - 3:37
3 - Twilight Hotel - 4:36
4 - Down and Dirty - 3:15
5 - Rise or Fall - 4:02
6 - Put Up or Shut Up - 4:07
7 - Still of the Night - 4:41
8 - Bass Case - 1:00
9 - The Pump - 4:02
10 - Slave to Love - 3:56
11 - Helping Hands - 4:12

QR III is the fifth studio album released by American heavy metal band Quiet Riot in 1986. The name of this recording is short for "Quiet Riot III". Despite the title, this is actually the band's fifth studio album. However, it is their third major label/worldwide release and the band's first two releases were titled Quiet Riot and Quiet Riot II, suggesting this serves as a third self-titled album.

Following the massive success of Metal Health and the more modest reception of Condition Critical (which failed to duplicate Metal Health's success, but at least did go top 20 and receive a platinum certification), QRIII represents Quiet Riot's final plunge away from stardom. The album only reached No. 31 on the US charts and has yet to achieve any certification at all.
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