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Symphonic Polyphia


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Mar 29, 2018
The West Coast of the East Coast
Polyphia is a primarily instrumental progressive rock band based in Plano, Texas that formed in 2010.

Polyphia performing in 2017

Polyphia first achieved mainstream success when the guitar play-through of "Impassion", from the EP, Inspire, went viral on YouTube. The band continues to grow in popularity and have gone on several national tours sharing the stage with progressive metalcore giants such as Periphery, Between the Buried and Me, and August Burns Red.

Polyphia has featured artists such as Jason Richardson (ex-Chelsea Grin, ex-Born of Osiris, ex-All Shall Perish and All That Remains), Aaron Marshall (Intervals), Mario Camarena (Chon), Erick Hansel (Chon), Yvette Young (Covet), Rick Graham, Nick Johnston, Jakub Żytecki, Lewis Grant, Ichika Nito and Mateus Asato.

The band states that their influences come from artists of all genres. The group started out with a heavier shred-oriented sound but has since matured into a more melodic-focused band. When describing the album, Muse, Timothy Henson says that the primary inspiration comes from pop and rap music as to not draw influence from other artists of their genre