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New Scale I Discovered (Invented?)

Dec 15, 2021
United States
Okay this isn't hardware-related, more music theory, but it seems to fit close enough in this category.

I went on my keyboard today, and I instantly came up with this cool sounding thing, and I realized it was like two modes smashed together.

If you take the diminished second from the phrygian mode, the major 3rd (these two together already make it sound like Egyptian scale), the augmented fourth of the lydian mode, and then finish the scale as though it were mixolydian mode, that's my new scale.

I call it Phrygian-Lydian, because like it sounds, it's got the distinct characteristics of both those modes, the phrygian 2nd and the lydian 4th.

I have no idea if somebody else already invented this and it has a name. I've tried to find online, but as far as I can tell, if it does exist, it's not used very often and not very well known at all. And it does have a sort of niche application, but I thought it's a rather cool sounding scale. I'm going to practice it on guitar to make more interesting lead playing when a song calls for some additional flavor. Nothin' says "Welcome to flavor country," like those two modes combined.