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Gothic MoonSpell

Chyna WIcked

Active member
Apr 8, 2018
Planet Earth

Official Website

  • Wolfheart (1995)
  • Irreligious (1996)
  • Sin/Pecado1998)
  • The Butterfly Effect (1999)
  • Darkness an Hope (2001)
  • The Antidote (2003)
  • Memorial (2006)
  • Night Eternal (2008)
  • Alpha Noir/Omega White (2012)
  • Extinct (2015)
  • 1755 (2017)

I had to throw this in, MoonSpell is such an excellent symphonic metal band and no one has mentioned it...They are from Portugal and came out in the mid 1990's...I would add more to this, but, I am half asleep and need more details..Just thought I would throw it in and if anyone wants to add to this is fine with me..

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