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Marauder (1981)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Title: Marauder
Artist: Blackfoot
Genre: Rock
Released: 1981

1 - Good Morning - 3:36
2 - Payin' for It - 3:38
3 - Diary of a Workingman - 5:36
4 - Too Hard to Handle - 4:02
5 - Fly Away - 2:58
6 - Dry County - 3:42
7 - Fire of the Dragon - 4:05
8 - Rattlesnake Rock 'N' Roller - 4:01
9 - Searchin' - 5:43

Marauder is the fifth studio album of Southern rock band Blackfoot, released in 1981.

The album continued in the same vein as their previous successes, Strikes (1979) and Tomcattin' (1980). Opening up with the heavy "Good Morning", and including the ballad "Diary of a Workingman", Marauder also sported the hit "Fly Away", which reached No. 42, and another Shorty Medlocke appearance on the "Rattlesnake Rock n' Roller", this time with a spoken introduction and banjo solo. Marauder was the last of their albums that were purely hard, driving, rock - they unsuccessfully introduced synthethizers to their sound through the 1980s, and their popularity waned. Eduardo Rivadavia describes Marauder as "...one of the band's best hard rockers to date", and "the last great Blackfoot album".
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