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Love Is for Suckers (1987)


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Mar 27, 2018
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Title: Love Is for Suckers
Artist: Twisted Sister
Genre: Heavy Metal
Released: 1987

1 - Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant) - 4:20
2 - Hot Love - 3:33
3 - Love Is for Suckers - 3:25
4 - I'm So Hot for You - 4:05
5 - Tonight - 3:52
6 - Me and the Boys - 3:52
7 - One Bad Habit - 3:17
8 - I Want This Night (To Last Forever) - 4:19
9 - You Are All That I Need - 4:17
10 - Yeah Right! - 3:13
11 - Feel Appeal - 3:19
12 - Statutory Date - 3:11
13 - If That's What You Want - 4:25
14 - I Will Win - 3:29

Love Is for Suckers is the fifth album by the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. It was strongly influenced by hair metal bands, A lot of conflicts were associated with this record which would eventually lead to the band splitting up. The material was originally meant to be a solo album by Twisted Sister's lead singer, Dee Snider, but the label pushed for it to be released under the Twisted Sister name instead. Love Is For Suckers was released by Atlantic Records on August 13, 1987. The tour for the album ended in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 10, 1987. Two days later, on October 12, 1987, vocalist Dee Snider announced his departure from the band.

This would be Twisted Sister's final studio album, as all albums since have been compilations or live albums (with the single exception of Still Hungry in 2004 which was a rerecording of 1984's Stay Hungry).

Dee Snider has stated that he likes many of the songs on the album, vocally. However he feels that if they play any of them live, it may bring back bad memories for the band.
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