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Mar 29, 2018
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In the latter half of 2002 singer/songwriter Teemu Merilä created Lodger as a vehicle for his music, bringing together Jyri Riikonen on keyboards, Hannes Häyhä on bass, Antti Laari on drums, and London-based Richard Anderson on guitar.[1] During the summer of 2003, the group recorded a self-financed demo of Hi-Fi High Lights Down Low. Shortly thereafter, Häyhä created a Flash music video for "Doorsteps" featuring a hapless one-eyed stick man. That year, "Doorsteps" went on to win "best flash" in the Bradford Animation Festival, as well as winning the Oulu Music Video Festival. In fact, these "One-Eyed Films" would prove so popular that the group went on to adopt a one-eyed skull and crossbones as its logo.

In 2004, Anderson returned to Britain, and was replaced by guitarist Panu Riikonen. Hi-Fi High was made available for purchase within Finland and the response was overwhelmingly positive - Lodger's debut release was the best-selling album at Stupido (a Finish record retailer) for 2004. Häyhä went on to create a second One-Eyed Film, "I Love Death" which proved to be even more popular than "Doorsteps".

2005 saw Lodger release two One-Eyed Films in the form of advertisements: "God Has Rejected the Western World" for Sabotaz spray paints, and "24h Candy Machine" for idea-protector.com. In September, a remastered version of Hi-Fi High Lights Down Low was made available for sale. This remastered version contained a slightly different track list than the 2004 offering; although it included "24h Candy Machine", "Everyone Got to Go" and "Divine Right" were conspicuously absent.

In 2007 Lodger finished work on their second album, How Vulgar. How Vulgar was released in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria on 14 March 2007. No other release dates have been announced.

After almost a year of apparent hiatus, from summer of 2007 to spring of 2008, Lodger released three new songs and redesigned their website. Their third album, "Honeymoon is Over" was released on 19 November 2008.[2]

In June 2009 Lodger indicated via Twitter that their next album would be titled Sunday of a Male Shouvinist.[3] However, in February 2012, the band announced a new website which stated their next album would be titled Low Blue Flame and would be available to download for free. After a while, they made two songs from the new album available for listening on their website. On 25 December 2013 the other eight songs of Low Blue Flame was made available for listening on their site.[4] On 9 January 2014 the band put up a mastered version of Low Blue Flame for free download on their website.[5] The band has also stated that the album would see a CD-release some time in the future.[6]
Lodger's lyrics are often cynical and nihilistic; their discography includes such titles as "I Love Death" which details the drudgery in life of the average person and "God Has Rejected the Western World", an anthem decrying the superficiality of western society. Their unabashed attitude is most apparent in their music videos, which prominently features smoking, drinking, sex, masturbation, rape and death.

In Low Blue Flame, the same cynical style was applied to biblical figures. For instance, Song of Job is a written monologue by the titular character from the Book of Job.


One of my quirky bands that I really have enjoyed since they broke back in 2004 with the internet sensation...